George Danezis
George Danezis
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Towards an information theoretic metric for anonymity
A Serjantov, G Danezis
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Mixminion: Design of a type III anonymous remailer protocol
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Low-cost traffic analysis of Tor
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Privacy-preserving smart metering
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Consensus in the age of blockchains
S Bano, A Sonnino, M Al-Bassam, S Azouvi, P McCorry, S Meiklejohn, ...
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Centrally banked cryptocurrencies
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Prying data out of a social network
J Bonneau, J Anderson, G Danezis
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How much is location privacy worth?
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G Danezis
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Denial of service or denial of security?
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A study on the value of location privacy
D Cvrcek, M Kumpost, V Matyas, G Danezis
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The traffic analysis of continuous-time mixes
G Danezis
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Technical Report MSR-TR-2008-35, Microsoft Research 27, 30, 2008
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