Farideh Heidari
Farideh Heidari
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Quality evaluation framework (QEF): Modeling and evaluating quality of business processes
F Heidari, P Loucopoulos
International Journal of Accounting Information Systems 15 (3), 193-223, 2014
A quality-oriented business process meta-model
F Heidari, P Loucopoulos, Z Kedad
Workshop on Enterprise and Organizational Modeling and Simulation, 85-99, 2011
A meta–meta-model for seven business process modelling languages
F Heidari, P Loucopoulos, F Brazier, J Barjis
15th IEEE Conference on Business Informatics, Austria IEEE Computer Society …, 2013
Six-coordinate oxo-vanadium (V) dimer complex with methoxy bridging: Synthesis, crystal structure, biological activity and molecular docking
F Heidari, SJA Fatemi, SY Ebrahimipour, H Ebrahimnejad, J Castro, ...
Inorganic Chemistry Communications 76, 1-4, 2017
A Systematic Classification and Analysis of NFRs
P Loucopoulos, J Sun, L Zhao, F Heidari
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Agent-based information infrastructure for disaster management
Z Genc, F Heidari, MA Oey, S van Splunter, FMT Brazier
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Business process modelling for measuring quality
F Heidari, P Loucopoulos, FM Brazier
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A unified view of business process modelling languages 1
F Heidari, P Loucopoulos, F Brazier, J Barjis
Evaluating quality of business processes
P Loucopoulos, F Heidari
Modelling and Quality in Requirements Engineering, Essays Dedicated to …, 2012
Ontology for Quality Specification in Requirements Engineering
F Heidari, P Loucopoulos, F Brazier
MOPAS 2013, The Fourth International Conference on Models and Ontology-based …, 2013
Evaluation and comparison of mesiodistal inclination of posterior teeth in skeletodentalclass II and class I
SMH Hosseini, J Chalipa, SM Fatemi, F Heidari
Journal of Dental Medicine 23 (2), 134-140, 2010
Accumulation of heavy metals in soil, leaf and fruit of Malus domestica, Elaeagnus angustifolia and Pyrus communis trees around a zinc factory in Zanjan, Iran.
F Heidari, SM Hosseini, N Bahramifar
Journal of Biodiversity and Ecological Sciences 4 (1), 19-25, 2014
Enhancing participation through empowering actor autonomy in workflow management
S van Splunter, F Heidari, F Brazier
The European Conference on Information Systems Management, 224, 2015
Business process quality computation: computing non-functional requirements to improve business processes
F Heidari
A Quality-Oriented Business Process Meta-Model
Z Kedad, F Heidari, P Loucopoulos
Evaluation and comparison of mesiodistal inclination of posterior teeth in skeletodental
J Chalipa, M Fatemi, F Heidari, MH Hosseini
مجله دندانپزشکی دانشگاه علوم پزشکی تهران 23, 1-2, 2010
Alignment between E-instructors and self-study in mathematics: challenges and suggestions
A Heydari, F Heidari
conference; 23rd AAOU Annual Conference; 2009-11-03; 2009-11-05, 2009
An evaluation system in open and distance learning universities: balance scorecard approach
F Heidari, A Heydari
conference; Proceedings of 23rd AAOU Annual Conference; 2009-11-03; 2009-11-05, 2009
Designing personnelsperformance measurement system according to Balanced Scorecard (BSC)
A Eshragh, M Daneshvarkakhki, F Heidari, M Nasiri, S Barforoshan
5th International Industrial Engineering Conference (IIEC 2007), July 11-12 …, 2007
Web-based systems: facilitation of disaster management
F Heidari, M Daneshvarkakhki
conference; 2nd International Conference on Integrated Natural Disaster …, 2007
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