Harold U Baranger
Harold U Baranger
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Παρατίθεται από
Conductance fluctuations in the ballistic regime: A probe of quantum chaos?
RA Jalabert, HU Baranger, AD Stone
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Electrical linear-response theory in an arbitrary magnetic field: A new Fermi-surface formation
HU Baranger, AD Stone
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HU Baranger, PA Mello
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AM Chang, HU Baranger, LN Pfeiffer, KW West
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HU Baranger, DP DiVincenzo, RA Jalabert, AD Stone
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Weak localization and integrability in ballistic cavities
HU Baranger, RA Jalabert, AD Stone
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SH Ke, HU Baranger, W Yang
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Communication through a diffusive medium: Coherence and capacity
AL Moustakas, HU Baranger, L Balents, AM Sengupta, SH Simon
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HU Baranger, RA Jalabert, AD Stone
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G Timp, HU Baranger, P DeVegvar, JE Cunningham, RE Howard, ...
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Quantum-interference-controlled molecular electronics
SH Ke, W Yang, HU Baranger
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H Zheng, HU Baranger
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Non-Gaussian distribution of Coulomb blockade peak heights in quantum dots
AM Chang, HU Baranger, LN Pfeiffer, KW West, TY Chang
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HU Baranger, AD Stone
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Contact atomic structure and electron transport through molecules
SH Ke, HU Baranger, W Yang
The Journal of chemical physics 122 (7), 074704, 2005
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