D'Arcy Stone
D'Arcy Stone
Graduate Student of Material Science and Engineering, University of North Texas
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Adaptive VN/Ag nanocomposite coatings with lubricious behavior from 25 to 1000° C
SM Aouadi, DP Singh, DS Stone, K Polychronopoulou, F Nahif, ...
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D Stone, J Liu, DP Singh, C Muratore, AA Voevodin, S Mishra, C Rebholz, ...
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DS Stone, H Gao, C Chantharangsi, C Paksunchai, M Bischof, D Jaeger, ...
Surface and Coatings Technology 244, 37-44, 2014
Latent image structure
DA Stone
US Patent 6,296,281, 2001
Reconstruction mechanisms of tantalum oxide coatings with low concentrations of silver for high temperature tribological applications
DS Stone, H Gao, C Chantharangsi, C Paksunchai, M Bischof, A Martini, ...
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Optically variable magnetic stripe assembly
BW Holmes, MRM Knight, DA Stone
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Optically variable magnetic stripe assembly
BW Holmes, MRM Knight, DA Stone
US Patent 8,551,673, 2013
Biological monitoring of the Fraser River near Prince George, BC
D Stone, TC Griffing, MC Knight
Pulp And Pap Mag Can, 1974
Silver tantalate: a high temperature tribological investigation
SS D'Arcy
University of North Texas, 2014
Hierarchical structures produced using unbalanced magnetron sputtering for photocatalytic degradation of Rhodamine 6G dye
K Polychronopoulou, SM Aouadi, B Sirota, DS Stone, L Wang, P Kohli, ...
Journal of nanoparticle research 16 (1), 1-11, 2014
Tribological investigation of nanocomposite thin films of transitional metal nitrides with silver inclusions
DAS Stone
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