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Replication of micro and nano surface geometries
HN Hansen, RJ Hocken, G Tosello
CIRP annals 60 (2), 695-714, 2011
A 3D edge detection technique for surface extraction in computed tomography for dimensional metrology applications
JA Yagüe-Fabra, S Ontiveros, R Jiménez, S Chitchian, G Tosello, ...
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Study of process parameters effect on the filling phase of micro-injection moulding using weld lines as flow markers
G Tosello, A Gava, HN Hansen, G Lucchetta
The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 47 (1-4), 81-97, 2010
Uncertainty analysis of point-by-point sampling complex surfaces using touch probe CMMs: DOE for complex surfaces verification with CMM
EM Barini, G Tosello, L De Chiffre
Precision Engineering 34 (1), 16-21, 2010
Applications of dimensional micro metrology to the product and process quality control in manufacturing of precision polymer micro components
G Tosello, HN Hansen, S Gasparin
CIRP annals 58 (1), 467-472, 2009
State-of-the-art of fiber-reinforced polymers in additive manufacturing technologies
T Hofstätter, DB Pedersen, G Tosello, HN Hansen
Journal of Reinforced Plastics and Composites 36 (15), 1061-1073, 2017
Characterization and analysis of weld lines on micro-injection moulded parts using atomic force microscopy (AFM)
G Tosello, A Gava, HN Hansen, G Lucchetta, F Marinello
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Dimensional measurement of micro-moulded parts by computed tomography
S Ontiveros, JA Yagüe-Fabra, R Jiménez, G Tosello, S Gasparin, ...
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Investigation on capability of the reaming process using minimal quantity lubrication
L De Chiffre, G Tosello, M Píška, P Müller
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Applications of fiber-reinforced polymers in additive manufacturing
T Hofstätter, DB Pedersen, G Tosello, HN Hansen
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3D finite element simulation of micro end-milling by considering the effect of tool run-out
A Davoudinejad, G Tosello, P Parenti, M Annoni
Micromachines 8 (6), 187, 2017
Flow visualization and simulation of the filling process during injection molding
P Guerrier, G Tosello, JH Hattel
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Cavity air flow behavior during filling in microinjection molding
CA Griffiths, SS Dimov, S Scholz, G Tosello
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Moulded pulp manufacturing: Overview and prospects for the process technology
M Didone, P Saxena, E Brilhuis‐Meijer, G Tosello, G Bissacco, ...
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Process factors influence on cavity pressure behavior in microinjection moulding
CA Griffiths, SS Dimov, S Scholz, H Hirshy, G Tosello
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An international comparison of surface texture parameters quantification on polymer artefacts using optical instruments
G Tosello, H Haitjema, RK Leach, D Quagliotti, S Gasparin, HN Hansen
CIRP Annals 65 (1), 529-532, 2016
Surface wear of TiN coated nickel tool during the injection moulding of polymer micro Fresnel lenses
G Tosello, HN Hansen, S Gasparin, JA Albajez, JI Esmoris
CIRP annals 61 (1), 535-538, 2012
Hybrid tooling: a review of process chains for tooling microfabrication within 4M
S Azcarate, L Uriarte, S Bigot, P Bolt, L Staemmler, G Tosello, S Roth, ...
4M 2006-Second International Conference on Multi-Material Micro Manufacture …, 2006
Replication of micro and nano-features on iPP by injection molding with fast cavity surface temperature evolution
V Speranza, S Liparoti, M Calaon, G Tosello, R Pantani, G Titomanlio
Materials & Design 133, 559-569, 2017
New reference object for metrological performance testing of industrial CT systems
P Müller, J Hiller, A Cantatore, G Tosello, L De Chiffre
12th Euspen International Conference, 2012
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