Sebastian Biallas
Sebastian Biallas
Research Assistent, RWTH Aachen, Germany
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Arcade. PLC: A verification platform for programmable logic controllers
S Biallas, J Brauer, S Kowalewski
2012 Proceedings of the 27th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Automated …, 2012
Cloud-based control: A multi-tenant, horizontally scalable soft-PLC
T Goldschmidt, MK Murugaiah, C Sonntag, B Schlich, S Biallas, P Weber
2015 ieee 8th international conference on cloud computing, 909-916, 2015
Counterexample-Guided Abstraction Refinement for PLCs.
S Biallas, J Brauer, S Kowalewski
SSV, 1-9, 2010
Applying static code analysis on industrial controller code
S Stattelmann, S Biallas, B Schlich, S Kowalewski
Proceedings of the 2014 IEEE Emerging Technology and Factory Automation …, 2014
Automatic test case generation for PLC programs using coverage metrics
H Simon, N Friedrich, S Biallas, S Hauck-Stattelmann, B Schlich, ...
2015 IEEE 20th Conference on Emerging Technologies & Factory Automation …, 2015
Loop leaping with closures
S Biallas, J Brauer, A King, S Kowalewski
International Static Analysis Symposium, 214-230, 2012
Efficient handling of states in abstract interpretation of industrial programmable logic controller code
S Biallas, S Kowalewski, S Stattelmann, B Schlich
IFAC Proceedings Volumes 47 (2), 400-405, 2014
Predicate abstraction for programmable logic controllers
S Biallas, M Giacobbe, S Kowalewski
International Workshop on Formal Methods for Industrial Critical Systems …, 2013
Sat-based abstraction refinement for programmable logic controllers
S Biallas, J Brauer, S Kowalewski
2011 3rd International Workshop on Dependable Control of Discrete Systems …, 2011
Range and value-set analysis for programmable logic controllers
S Biallas, S Kowalewski, B Schlich
IFAC Proceedings Volumes 45 (29), 378-383, 2012
PearPC-PowerPC architecture emulator
S Biallas
May, 2004
Analyzing the restart behavior of industrial control applications
S Hauck-Stattelmann, S Biallas, B Schlich, S Kowalewski, R Jetley
International Symposium on Formal Methods, 585-588, 2015
PtrTracker: Pragmatic pointer analysis
S Biallas, MC Olesen, F Cassez, R Huuck
2013 IEEE 13th International Working Conference on Source Code Analysis and …, 2013
On-the-fly path reduction
S Biallas, J Brauer, D Gückel, S Kowalewski
Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science 274, 3-16, 2011
Formale Verifikation von Sicherheits-Funktionsbausteinen der PLCopen auf Modell-und Code-Ebene
S Biallas, G Frey, S Kowalewski, B Schlich, D Soliman
Proceedings of the 11th Fachtagung Entwurf komplexer Automatisierungssysteme …, 2010
Verifikation von sicherheitsgerichteten SPS-Programmen mit Hilfe von Safety-Automaten
S Biallas, V Kamin, S Kowalewski, B Schlich, S Sehestedt, S Stattelmann
Automation, 75-79, 2013
Static analysis of lockless microcontroller C programs
E Beckschulze, S Biallas, S Kowalewski
arXiv preprint arXiv:1211.6192, 2012
Automatically Deriving Symbolic Invariants for PLC Programs Written in IL★
S Biallas, J Brauer, S Kowalewski, B Schlich
FORMS/FORMAT 2010, 237-245, 2011
S Biallas
Retrieved March, 2007
Boolean and modular abstractions for programmable logic controllers
S Biallas, D Bohlender, S Kowalewski
IFAC Proceedings Volumes 46 (22), 97-102, 2013
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