Vasileios Chatzaras
Vasileios Chatzaras
The University of Sydney, School of Geosciences
Η διεύθυνση ηλεκτρονικού ταχυδρομείου έχει επαληθευτεί στον τομέα - Αρχική σελίδα
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Vorticity of flow in ductile thrust zones: examples from the Attico-Cycladic Massif (Internal Hellenides, Greece)
P Xypolias, D Spanos, V Chatzaras, S Kokkalas, I Koukouvelas
Geological Society, London, Special Publications 335 (1), 687-714, 2010
Exhumation of high-pressure rocks under continuous compression: a working hypothesis for the southern Hellenides (central Crete, Greece)
V Chatzaras, P Xypolias, T Doutsos
Geological Magazine 143 (6), 859-876, 2006
Closure of the Paleotethys in the External Hellenides: constraints from U–Pb ages of magmatic and detrital zircons (Crete)
G Zulauf, W Dörr, SC Fisher-Spurlock, A Gerdes, V Chatzaras, P Xypolias
Gondwana Research 28 (2), 642-667, 2015
Subduction‐and exhumation‐related structures in the Cycladic Blueschists: Insights from south Evia Island (Aegean region, Greece)
P Xypolias, I Iliopoulos, V Chatzaras, S Kokkalas
Tectonics 31 (2), 2012
Axial‐type olivine crystallographic preferred orientations: The effect of strain geometry on mantle texture
V Chatzaras, SC Kruckenberg, SM Cohen, LG Medaris Jr, AC Withers, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 121 (7), 4895-4922, 2016
U–Pb single zircon ages and geochemistry of metagranitoid rocks in the Cycladic Blueschists (Evia Island): implications for the Triassic tectonic setting of Greece
V Chatzaras, W Dörr, F Finger, P Xypolias, G Zulauf
Tectonophysics 595, 125-139, 2013
Strain gradients in zones of ductile thrusting: Insights from the External Hellenides
P Xypolias, V Chatzaras, IK Koukouvelas
Journal of Structural Geology 29 (9), 1522-1537, 2007
Heterogeneous constrictional deformation in a ductile shear zone resulting from the transposition of a lineation-parallel fold
P Xypolias, V Chatzaras, R Beane, S Papadopoulou
Journal of Structural Geology 52, 44-59, 2013
Oligocene–Miocene thrusting in central Aegean: insights from the Cycladic island of Amorgos
V Chatzaras, P Xypolias, S Kokkalas, I Koukouvelas
Geological Journal 46 (6), 619-636, 2011
Ductile nappe stacking and refolding in the Cycladic Blueschist Unit: insights from Sifnos Island (south Aegean Sea)
E Aravadinou, P Xypolias, V Chatzaras, I Iliopoulos, N Gerogiannis
International Journal of Earth Sciences 105 (7), 2075-2096, 2016
Mantle strength of the San Andreas fault system and the role of mantle-crust feedbacks
V Chatzaras, B Tikoff, J Newman, AC Withers, MR Drury
Geology 43 (10), 891-894, 2015
Tectonic evolution of a crustal-scale oblique ramp, Hellenides thrust belt, Greece
V Chatzaras, P Xypolias, S Kokkalas, I Koukouvelas
Journal of Structural Geology 57, 16-37, 2013
U–Pb zircon and biostratigraphic data of high-pressure/low-temperature metamorphic rocks of the Talea Ori: tracking the Paleotethys suture in central Crete, Greece
G Zulauf, W Dörr, J Krahl, Y Lahaye, V Chatzaras, P Xypolias
International Journal of Earth Sciences 105 (7), 1901-1922, 2016
Using incremental elongation and shearing to unravel the kinematics of a complex transpressional zone
P Xypolias, N Gerogiannis, V Chatzaras, K Papapavlou, SC Kruckenberg, ...
Journal of Structural Geology 115, 64-81, 2018
Mechanisms of fault mirror formation and fault healing in carbonate rocks
M Ohl, O Plümper, V Chatzaras, D Wallis, C Vollmer, M Drury
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 530, 115886, 2020
Deformation within the Cycladic subduction–exhumation channel: new insights from the enigmatic Makrotantalo nappe (Andros, Aegean)
N Gerogiannis, P Xypolias, V Chatzaras, E Aravadinou, K Papapavlou
International Journal of Earth Sciences 108 (3), 817-843, 2019
Tracking the late Paleozoic to early Mesozoic margin of northern Gondwana in the Hellenides: paleotectonic constraints from U–Pb detrital zircon ages
V Chatzaras, W Dörr, A Gerdes, J Krahl, P Xypolias, G Zulauf
International Journal of Earth Sciences 105 (7), 1881-1899, 2016
Constraints on the rheology of the lower crust in a strike-slip plate boundary: evidence from the San Quintín xenoliths, Baja California, Mexico
T van der Werf, V Chatzaras, LM Kriegsman, A Kronenberg, B Tikoff, ...
Solid Earth 8 (6), 1211-1239, 2017
Coupled deformation and melt-migration events recording subduction initiation, Dun Mountain ophiolite, New Zealand
E Stewart, J Newman, B Tikoff, S Donnelly, L German, V Chatzaras, ...
Geological Society, London, Memoirs 49 (1), 93-117, 2019
Big data in microstructure analysis: Building a universal orientation system for thin sections
B Tikoff, V Chatzaras, J Newman, NM Roberts
Journal of Structural Geology 125, 226-234, 2019
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