L. Sygellou
L. Sygellou
Institute of chemical engineering sciences
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Structure-dependent electronic properties of nanocrystalline cerium oxide films
P Patsalas, S Logothetidis, L Sygellou, S Kennou
Physical Review B 68 (3), 035104, 2003
The influence of hydrogenation and oxygen vacancies on molybdenum oxides work function and gap states for application in organic optoelectronics
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P Karaolia, I Michael-Kordatou, E Hapeshi, C Drosou, Y Bertakis, ...
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Reduction of Tungsten Oxide: A Path Towards Dual Functionality Utilization for Efficient Anode and Cathode Interfacial Layers in Organic Light‐Emitting Diodes
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Study of the thermal reduction of graphene oxide and of its application as electrocatalyst in quasi-solid state dye-sensitized solar cells in combination with PEDOT
A Nikolakopoulou, D Tasis, L Sygellou, V Dracopoulos, C Galiotis, ...
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A 3D graphene-based biosensor as an early microcystin-LR screening tool in sources of drinking water supply
W Zhang, C Han, B Jia, C Saint, M Nadagouda, P Falaras, L Sygellou, ...
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Effect of the nature of cadmium salts on the effectiveness of CdS SILAR deposition and its consequences on the performance of sensitized solar cells
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Sirolimus encapsulated liposomes for cancer therapy: physicochemical and mechanical characterization of sirolimus distribution within liposome bilayers
I Onyesom, DA Lamprou, L Sygellou, SK Owusu-Ware, M Antonijevic, ...
Molecular Pharmaceutics 10 (11), 4281-4293, 2013
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