Glykeria Myrovali
Glykeria Myrovali
CERTH/HIT Research Associate
Η διεύθυνση ηλεκτρονικού ταχυδρομείου έχει επαληθευτεί στον τομέα
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Increasing the attractiveness of public transport by investing in soft ICT based measures: Going from words to actions under an austerity backdrop–Thessaloniki's case, Greece
M Morfoulaki, G Myrovali, K Kotoula
Research in Transportation Economics 51, 40-48, 2015
Integrating city logistics into urban mobility policies
M Morfoulaki, F Mikiki, N Kotoula, G Myrovali
7th International Congress on Transportation Research, 1-14, 2015
An Interactive Learning Environment Based on System Dynamics Methodology for Sustainable Mobility Challenges Communication & Citizens’ Engagement
G Myrovali, G Tsaples, M Morfoulaki, G Aifadopoulou, J Papathanasiou
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Formulation of a roadmap towards the enhancement of international rail passenger transport–The South East Europe example
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G Aifandopoulou, I Stamos, G Myrovali, M Morfoulaki
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Calculating the Impacts of Alternative Parking Pricing and Enforcement Policies in Urban Areas with Traffic Problems
M Morfoulaki, KM Kotoula, G Myrovali, G Aifadopoulou
Periodica Polytechnica Transportation Engineering 45 (1), 35-41, 2017
Exploiting the Knowledge of Dynamics, Correlations and Causalities in the Performance of Different Road Paths for Enhancing Urban Transport Management
G Myrovali, T Karakasidis, A Charakopoulos, P Tzenos, M Morfoulaki, ...
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Travelers-led Innovation in Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans
G Myrovali, M Morfoulaki, BM Vassilantonakis, A Mpoutovinas, ...
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Investigating the implementation of potential strategies for enhancing urban mobility and a city logistics system on the island of Corfu
M Morfoulaki, K Kotoula, G Mirovali, K Chrysostomou, A Stathacopoulos, ...
The Sustainable City IX: Urban Regeneration and Sustainability (2 Volume Set …, 2014
Using big taxi GPS data to investigate feasibility of electric taxis in Thessaloniki, Greece
K Chrysostomou, A Georgakis, M Morfoulaki, K Kotoula, G Myrovali
Transportation Research Board 95th Annual MeetingTransportation Research Board, 2016
School Transportation: Defining and Analyzing User Needs Regarding the Use of Technological Equipment That Increases Safety Levels
M Morfoulaki, K Kotoula, G Mirovali, G Aifadopoulou
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Mapping Investments for Improvement of Some Rail Hubs in South East Europe
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Strengthening the competitiveness of local and regional production clusters through efficient interfaces to ports and intermodal solution exploitation in the Mediterranean basin
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An Innovative Game-Based Approach for Teaching Urban Sustainability
S Armenia, N Ciobanu, M Kulakowska, G Myrovali, J Papathanasiou, ...
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J Papathanasiou, S Armenia, F Barnabè, C Carlini, N Ciobanu, ...
Willingness of Cruise Tourists to Use & Pay for Shared and Upgraded Sustainable Mobility Solutions: The Case of Corfu
M Morfoulaki, M Agathos, G Myrovali, MN Konstantinidou
In: Nathanail E.G., Adamos G., Karakikes I. (eds) Advances in Mobility-as-a …, 2021
Clustering of Urban Road Paths; Identifying the Optimal Set of Linear and Nonlinear Clustering Features
G Myrovali, T Karakasidis, M Morfoulaki, G Ayfantopoulou
In: Nathanail E.G., Adamos G., Karakikes I. (eds) Advances in Mobility-as-a …, 2021
Using social media to involve the citizens of Thessaloniki in Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning
AG Myrovali, G., Chrysostomou, K., Morfoulaki, M., Kotoula, K.M.
20th European Conference on Mobility Management (ECOMM 2016), 2016
Promoting Rail & Intermodal Trips in Southeast Europe
M Morfoulaki, G Myrovali, K Chrysostomou
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Addressing seasonal transport demand in touristic areas through public transport interventions
M Morfoulaki, Y Tyrinopoulos, K Kotoula, G Myrovali, N Georgantis
WIT Transactions on The Built Environment 130, 673-683, 2013
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