Sujeet Chaudhary, Ph.D. (IIT Delhi/1997)
Sujeet Chaudhary, Ph.D. (IIT Delhi/1997)
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First-order transition from antiferromagnetism to ferromagnetism in C e (F e 0.96 Al 0.04) 2
MA Manekar, S Chaudhary, MK Chattopadhyay, KJ Singh, SB Roy, ...
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Spin-polarized tunneling in the half-metallic ferromagnets La 0.7− x Ho x Sr 0.3 MnO 3 (x= 0 and 0.15): Experiment and theory
P Raychaudhuri, K Sheshadri, P Taneja, S Bandyopadhyay, P Ayyub, ...
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A comparative study on the structure and properties of nanolayered TiN/NbN and TiAlN/TiN multilayer coatings prepared by reactive direct current magnetron sputtering
HC Barshilia, KS Rajam, A Jain, K Gopinadhan, S Chaudhary
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H Zhou, L Chen, V Malik, C Knies, DM Hofmann, KP Bhatti, S Chaudhary, ...
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Growth of Co 2 FeAl Heusler alloy thin films on Si (100) having very small Gilbert damping by Ion beam sputtering
S Husain, S Akansel, A Kumar, P Svedlindh, S Chaudhary
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On the room-temperature ferromagnetism in (ZnO) 0.98 (MnO2) 0.02
KP Bhatti, S Chaudhary, DK Pandya, SC Kashyap
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Interfacial Charge Induced Magnetoelectric Coupling at BiFeO3/BaTiO3 Bilayer Interface
R Gupta, S Chaudhary, RK Kotnala
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DC-magnetisation studies in the La1− xSrxCoO3 (x≤ 0.4) system
S Chaudhary, SB Roy, P Chaddah
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Cobalt substituted ZnO thin films: a potential candidate for spintronics
KP Bhatti, VK Malik, S Chaudhary
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Anomalous anti-damping in sputtered β-Ta/Py bilayer system
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Metamagnetic transition in Ce (Fe0. 96Al0. 04) 2: a dc magnetization study
M Manekar, S Chaudhary, MK Chattopadhyay, KJ Singh, SB Roy, ...
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 14 (17), 4477, 2002
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