Efthymios L. Lekkas
Efthymios L. Lekkas
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The Athens earthquake (7 September 1999): intensity distribution and controlling factors
E Lekkas
Engineering Geology 59 (3-4), 297-311, 2001
Deformation pattern of the 6 and 7 April 2009, MW=6.3 and MW=5.6 earthquakes in L'Aquila (Central Italy) revealed by ground and space based observations
ID Papanikolaou, M Foumelis, I Parcharidis, EL Lekkas, IG Fountoulis
Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences 10 (1), 73-87, 2010
Rockfall susceptibility map for Athinios port, Santorini island, Greece
AA Antoniou, E Lekkas
Geomorphology 118 (1-2), 152-166, 2010
Hurricane Sandy mortality in the Caribbean and continental North America
M Diakakis, G Deligiannakis, K Katsetsiadou, E Lekkas
Disaster Prevention and Management, 2015
Landslide susceptibility mapping by GIS-based qualitative weighting procedure in Corinth area
M Foumelis, E Lekkas, I Parcharidis
Bulletin of the Geological Society of Greece 36 (2), 904-912, 2004
An integrated approach of ground and aerial observations in flash flood disaster investigations. The case of the 2017 Mandra flash flood in Greece
M Diakakis, E Andreadakis, EI Nikolopoulos, NI Spyrou, ME Gogou, ...
International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction 33, 290-309, 2019
Geological structure and evolution of the Nisyros volcano
DJ Papanikolaou, EL Lekkas, D Sakellariou
Geological structure and evolution of the Nisyros volcano
DJ Papanikolaou, EL Lekkas, D Sakellariou
The 12th June 2017 Mw= 6.3 Lesvos earthquake from detailed seismological observations
P Papadimitriou, I Kassaras, G Kaviris, GA Tselentis, N Voulgaris, ...
Journal of Geodynamics 115, 23-42, 2018
The 12 May 2008 Mw 7.9 Wenchuan, China, Earthquake: Macroseismic Intensity Assessment Using the EMS-98 and ESI 2007 Scales and Their Correlation with …
EL Lekkas
Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America 100 (5B), 2791-2804, 2010
The Emilia Romagna, May 2012 earthquake sequence. The influence of the vertical earthquake component and related geoscientific and engineering aspects
P Carydis, C Castiglioni, E Lekkas, I Kostaki, N Lebesis, A Drei
Ingegneria Sismica 29 (2-3), 31-58, 2012
Advances and limitations of the Environmental Seismic Intensity scale (ESI 2007) regarding near-field and far-field effects from recent earthquakes in Greece: implications for …
ID Papanikolaou, DI Papanikolaou, EL Lekkas
Geological Society, London, Special Publications 316 (1), 11-30, 2009
The Mw= 9.0 Tohoku Japan earthquake (March 11, 2011) tsunami impact on structures and infrastructure
E Lekkas, E Andreadakis, V Alexoudi, E Kapourani, I Kostaki
Environmental Geosciences and Engineering Survey for Territory Protection …, 2011
Intensity distribution and neotectonic macrostructure Pyrgos earthquake data (26 March 1993, Greece)
E Lekkas, I Fountoulis, D Papanikolaou
Natural Hazards 21 (1), 19-33, 2000
Critical factors for run-up and impact of the Tohoku earthquake tsunami
E Lekkas, E Andreadakis, I Kostaki, E Kapourani
International Journal of Geosciences 2 (3), 310, 2011
The ophiolite of the Koziakas range, western Thessaly (Greece)
S Capedri, E Lekkas, D Papanikolaou, N Skarpelis, G Venturelli, F Gallo
Neues Jahrb. Miner. Abh 152, 45-64, 1985
Φυσικές και τεχνολογικές καταστροφές
Ε Λέκκας
Εκδόσεις Access, Αθήνα, 2000
Liquefaction, ground fissures and coastline change during the Egio earthquake (15 June 1995; Central‐Western Greece)
E Lekkas, S Lozios, E Skourtsos, H Kranis
Terra Nova 8 (6), 648-654, 1996
Geological structure and evolution of Kefallonia and Ithaki Islands
Bulletin of the Geological Society of Greece 34 (1), 11-17, 2001
A proposal for a new integrated tsunami intensity scale (ITIS‐2012)
EL Lekkas, E Andreadakis, I Kostaki, E Kapourani
Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America 103 (2B), 1493-1502, 2013
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