Chandrima Banerjee
Chandrima Banerjee
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Direct observation of interfacial Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction from asymmetric spin-wave propagation in W/CoFeB/SiO 2 heterostructures down to sub-nanometer CoFeB thickness
AK Chaurasiya, C Banerjee, S Pan, S Sahoo, S Choudhury, J Sinha, ...
Scientific reports 6 (1), 1-8, 2016
Magnonic band structure in a Co/Pd stripe domain system investigated by Brillouin light scattering and micromagnetic simulations
C Banerjee, P Gruszecki, JW Klos, O Hellwig, M Krawczyk, A Barman
Physical Review B 96 (2), 024421, 2017
Pseudo-one-dimensional magnonic crystals for high-frequency nanoscale devices
C Banerjee, S Choudhury, J Sinha, A Barman
Physical Review Applied 8 (1), 014036, 2017
Brillouin light scattering study of spin waves in NiFe/Co exchange spring bilayer films
A Haldar, C Banerjee, P Laha, A Barman
Journal of Applied Physics 115 (13), 133901, 2014
Single pulse all-optical toggle switching of magnetization without gadolinium in the ferrimagnet Mn 2 Ru x Ga
C Banerjee, N Teichert, KE Siewierska, Z Gercsi, GYP Atcheson, ...
Nature communications 11 (1), 1-6, 2020
Investigation of magnetization dynamics in 2D Ni80Fe20 diatomic nanodot arrays
A De, S Mondal, C Banerjee, AK Chaurasiya, R Mandal, Y Otani, RK Mitra, ...
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 50 (38), 385002, 2017
All-optical study of tunable ultrafast spin dynamics in [Co/Pd]/NiFe systems: the role of spin-twist structure on Gilbert damping
C Banerjee, S Pal, M Ahlberg, TNA Nguyen, J Åkerman, A Barman
RSC Advances 6 (83), 80168-80173, 2016
Exchange-driven all-optical magnetic switching in compensated ferrimagnets
CS Davies, G Bonfiglio, K Rode, J Besbas, C Banerjee, P Stamenov, ...
Physical Review Research 2 (3), 032044, 2020
Width dependent transition of quantized spin-wave modes in Ni80Fe20 square nanorings
C Banerjee, S Saha, S Barman, O Rousseau, YC Otani, A Barman
Journal of Applied Physics 116 (16), 163912, 2014
The influence of the internal domain wall structure on spin wave band structure in periodic magnetic stripe domain patterns
P Gruszecki, C Banerjee, M Mruczkiewicz, O Hellwig, A Barman, ...
Solid State Physics 70, 79-132, 2019
Perpendicular standing spin wave and magnetic anisotropic study on amorphous FeTaC films
B Samantaray, AK Singh, C Banerjee, A Barman, A Perumal, P Mandal
IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 52 (7), 1-4, 2016
Improvement of chemical ordering and magnetization dynamics of Co–Fe–Al–Si Heusler alloy thin films by changing adjacent layers
C Banerjee, LM Loong, S Srivastava, S Pal, X Qiu, H Yang, A Barman
RSC advances 6 (81), 77811-77817, 2016
Ultrafast Double Pulse All-Optical Reswitching of a Ferrimagnet
C Banerjee, K Rode, G Atcheson, S Lenne, P Stamenov, JMD Coey, ...
Physical Review Letters 126 (17), 177202, 2021
Tunable spin wave properties in [Co/Ni80Fe20] r multilayers with the number of bilayer repetition
C Banerjee, AK Chaurasiya, S Saha, J Sinha, A Barman
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 48 (39), 395001, 2015
Improved magnetic damping in CoFeB| MgO with an N-doped Ta underlayer investigated using the Brillouin light scattering technique
J Sinha, C Banerjee, AK Chaurasiya, M Hayashi, A Barman
RSC advances 5 (71), 57815-57819, 2015
Spin-texture driven reconfigurable magnonics in chains of connected submicron dots
AK Mondal, C Banerjee, A Adhikari, AK Chaurasiya, S Choudhury, ...
Physical Review B 101 (22), 224426, 2020
Scientific reports 6
K Chaurasiya, C Banerjee, S Pan, S Sahoo, S Choudhury, J Sinha, ...
Article, 2016
Anisotropic spin-wave dispersion in two-dimensional Ni80Fe20 diatomic nanodot array
A De, C Banerjee, AK Chaurasiya, R Mandal, Y Otani, RK Mitra, ...
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 491, 165557, 2019
Anisotropic spin-wave propagation in asymmetric width modulated Ni80Fe20 nanostripes
A Adhikari, C Banerjee, AK Mondal, AK Chaurasiya, S Choudhury, ...
Materials Science and Engineering: B 272, 115385, 2021
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A Haldar, C Banerjee, P Laha, A Barman
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