Spiros Mouzakitis
Spiros Mouzakitis
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Business to business interoperability: A current review of XML data integration standards
F Lampathaki, S Mouzakitis, G Gionis, Y Charalabidis, D Askounis
Computer Standards & Interfaces 31 (6), 1045-1055, 2009
Special Issue on Innovation through Open Data-A Review of the State-of-the-Art and an Emerging Research Agenda
A Zuiderwijk, N Helbig, JR Gil-Garcia, M Janssen
Guest Editors' Introduction. Journal of theoretical and applied electronic …, 2014
Paving the way to eGovernment transformation: Interoperability registry infrastructure development
AM Sourouni, F Lampathaki, S Mouzakitis, Y Charalabidis, D Askounis
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A state-of-the-art analysis of the current public data landscape from a functional, semantic and technical perspective
M Petychakis, O Vasileiou, C Georgis, S Mouzakitis, J Psarras
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Towards the government transformation: An ontology-based government knowledge repository
AM Sourouni, G Kourlimpinis, S Mouzakitis, D Askounis
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Digging into the real-life enterprise interoperability areas definition and overview of the main research areas
S Koussouris, F Lampathaki, S Mouzakitis, Y Charalabidis, J Psarras
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Linked data analytics in interdisciplinary studies: The health impact of air pollution in urban areas
E Fotopoulou, A Zafeiropoulos, D Papaspyros, P Hasapis, G Tsiolis, ...
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Effects of enterprise interoperability on integration efforts in supply chains
S Mouzakitis, AM Sourouni, D Askounis
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T Janner, F Lampathaki, V Hoyer, S Mouzakitis, Y Charalabidis, C Schroth
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Y Charalabidis, F Lampathaki, D Sarantis, AM Sourouni, S Mouzakitis, ...
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Analysing the characteristics of open government data sources in Greece
C Alexopoulos, E Loukis, S Mouzakitis, M Petychakis, Y Charalabidis
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A knowledge-based framework for measuring organizational readiness for the adoption of B2B integration systems
S Mouzakitis, D Askounis
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S Mouzakitis, F Lampathaki, C Schroth, U Scheper, T Janner
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Challenges and opportunities in renovating public sector information by enabling linked data and analytics
S Mouzakitis, D Papaspyros, M Petychakis, S Koussouris, A Zafeiropoulos, ...
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User Involvement in Software Development Processes.
I Alvertis, S Koussouris, D Papaspyros, E Arvanitakis, S Mouzakitis, ...
Cloud Forward, 73-83, 2016
A fuzzy multi-criteria outranking approach in support of business angels’ decision-analysis process for the assessment of companies as investment opportunities
S Mouzakitis, G Karamolegkos, E Ntanos, J Psarras
Journal of optimization theory and applications 158 (1), 274-283, 2013
Achieving Cross-Country Electronic Documents Interoperability with the help of a CCTS-based Modelling Framework
F Lampathaki, S Mouzakitis, T Janner, C Schroth, D Askounis, V Hoyer
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Knowledge extraction from maritime spatiotemporal data: An evaluation of clustering algorithms on Big Data
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Implementing next generation e-business platforms for heterogeneous SME environments
G Gionis, S Mouzakitis, T Janner, C Schroth, S Koussouris, D Askounis
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Big data analytics in public safety and personal security: challenges and potential
E Biliri, P Kokkinakos, A Michailitsi, D Papaspyros, J Tsapelas, ...
2017 International Conference on Engineering, Technology and Innovation (ICE …, 2017
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