Evangelou E
Evangelou E
Associate Prof. of Physics, Dept of Physics, Univ. of Ioannina
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Παρατίθεται από
Fermi-level pinning and charge neutrality level in germanium
A Dimoulas, P Tsipas, A Sotiropoulos, EK Evangelou
Applied physics letters 89 (25), 252110, 2006
high- gate dielectrics on Ge (100) by atomic oxygen beam deposition
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An evaluation of the Y2O3:Eu3+ scintillator for application in medical x‐ray detectors and image receptors
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Electrical and structural characteristics of yttrium oxide films deposited by rf-magnetron sputtering on
EK Evangelou, C Wiemer, M Fanciulli, M Sethu, W Cranton
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Modeling the fluorescent lifetime of
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Journal of Applied Physics 103 (6), 064514, 2008
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