Bernhard Schulz
Bernhard Schulz
Professor, TU Bergakademie Freiberg/Saxony, Germany
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Pre-Mesozoic Alpine basements—their place in the European Paleozoic framework
JF Von Raumer, F Bussy, U Schaltegger, B Schulz, GM Stampfli
Bulletin 125 (1-2), 89-108, 2013
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B Schulz, R Klemd, H Brätz
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 70 (3), 697-710, 2006
Geochemistry of the Bafoussam Pan-African I-and S-type granitoids in western Cameroon
ML Djouka-Fonkwé, B Schulz, U Schüssler, JP Tchouankoué, C Nzolang
Journal of African Earth Sciences 50 (2-4), 148-167, 2008
Zoned Ca-amphiboles and related P-T evolution in metabasites from the classical Barrovian metamorphic zones in Scotland
M Zenk, B Schulz
Mineralogical Magazine 68 (5), 769-786, 2004
Monazite CHIME/EPMA dating of Erinpura granitoid deformation: Implications for Neoproterozoic tectono-thermal evolution of NW India
J Just, B Schulz, H de Wall, F Jourdan, MK Pandit
Gondwana Research 19 (2), 402-412, 2011
Pan-African metamorphic evolution in the southern Yaounde Group (Oubanguide Complex, Cameroon) as revealed by EMP-monazite dating and thermobarometry of garnet metapelites
S Owona, B Schulz, L Ratschbacher, JM Ondoa, GE Ekodeck, FM Tchoua, ...
Journal of African Earth Sciences 59 (1), 125-139, 2011
Neoproterozoic to Early-Palaeozoic magmatic evolution in the Gondwana-derived Austroalpine basement to the south of the Tauern Window (Eastern Alps)
B Schulz, K Bombach, S Pawlig, H Brätz
International Journal of Earth Sciences 93 (5), 824-843, 2004
Geodynamic evolution of an Alpine terrane—the Austroalpine basement to the south of the Tauern Window as a part of the Adriatic Plate (eastern Alps)
B Schulz, A Steenken, S Siegesmund
Geological Society, London, Special Publications 298 (1), 5-44, 2008
Paleo-and Neoproterozoic magmatic and tectonometamorphic evolution of the Isla Cristalina de Rivera (Nico Pérez Terrane, Uruguay)
P Oyhantçabal, M Wagner-Eimer, K Wemmer, B Schulz, R Frei, ...
International Journal of Earth Sciences 101 (7), 1745-1762, 2012
Geochronology of shear zones–A review
S Oriolo, K Wemmer, P Oyhantçabal, H Fossen, B Schulz, S Siegesmund
Earth-science reviews, 2018
Contrasting provenance and timing of metamorphism from paragneisses of the Araçuaí-Ribeira orogenic system, Brazil: Hints for Western Gondwana assembly
R Degler, A Pedrosa-Soares, I Dussin, G Queiroga, B Schulz
Gondwana Research 51, 30-50, 2017
Different zircon recrystallization types in carbonatites caused by magma mixing: Evidence from U–Pb dating, trace element and isotope composition (Hf and O) of zircons from two …
M Tichomirowa, MJ Whitehouse, A Gerdes, J Götze, B Schulz, ...
Chemical Geology 353, 173-198, 2013
Comparative study of five outcrop chalks flooded at reservoir conditions: chemo-mechanical behaviour and profiles of compositional alteration
PØ Andersen, W Wang, MV Madland, U Zimmermann, RI Korsnes, ...
Transport in Porous Media 121 (1), 135-181, 2018
Two-stage prograde and retrograde Variscan metamorphism of glaucophane-eclogites, blueschists and greenschists from Ile de Groix (Brittany, France)
B Schulz, C Triboulet, C Audren, HR Pfeifer, A Gilg
International Journal of Earth Sciences 90 (4), 871-889, 2001
In-situ Th-Pb dating of monazite by 266 nm laser ablation and ICP-MS with a single collector, and its control by EMP analysis
B Schulz, H Brätz, K Bombach, E Krenn
Zeitsch. Angewandte Geologie 35, 377-392, 2007
Raman spectroscopy as a tool for magnesium estimation in Mg‐calcite
L Borromeo, U Zimmermann, S Andò, G Coletti, D Bersani, D Basso, ...
Journal of Raman Spectroscopy 48 (7), 983-992, 2017
Electron microprobe dating and thermobarometry of Neoproterozoic metamorphic events in the Kekem area, Central African Fold Belt of Cameroon
DT Tchato, B Schulz, JP Nzenti
Neues Jahrbuch fur Mineralogie-Abhandlungen 186 (1), 95, 2009
Polymetamorphism in garnet micaschists of the Saualpe Eclogite Unit (Eastern Alps, Austria), resolved by automated SEM methods and EMP–Th–U–Pb monazite dating
B Schulz
Journal of Metamorphic Geology 35 (2), 141-163, 2017
Electron-microprobe Th–U–Pb monazite dating in Early-Palaeozoic high-grade gneisses as a completion of U–Pb isotopic ages (Wilson Terrane, Antarctica)
B Schulz, U Schüssler
Lithos 175, 178-192, 2013
Geochemistry and geochronology of Peraluminous high-K granitic leucosomes of Yaoundé series (Cameroon): evidence for a unique Pan-African magmatism and melting event in north …
T Ngnotue, S Ganno, P Nzenti Jean, B Schulz, DI Tchaptchet Tchato, ...
International Journal of Geosciences 2012, 2012
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