Veronique Megalizzi
Veronique Megalizzi
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Lycorine, the main phenanthridine Amaryllidaceae alkaloid, exhibits significant antitumor activity in cancer cells that display resistance to proapoptotic stimuli: an …
D Lamoral-Theys, A Andolfi, G Van Goietsenoven, A Cimmino, B Le Calvé, ...
Journal of medicinal chemistry 52 (20), 6244-6256, 2009
Ophiobolin A induces paraptosis-like cell death in human glioblastoma cells by decreasing BKCa channel activity
M Bury, A Girault, V Megalizzi, S Spiegl-Kreinecker, V Mathieu, W Berger, ...
Cell death & disease 4 (3), e561-e561, 2013
4-IBP, a σ1 receptor agonist, decreases the migration of human cancer cells, including glioblastoma cells, in vitro and sensitizes them in vitro and in vivo to cytotoxic …
V Mégalizzi, V Mathieu, T Mijatovic, P Gailly, O Debeir, N De Neve, ...
Neoplasia 9 (5), 358-369, 2007
Narciclasine, a plant growth modulator, activates Rho and stress fibers in glioblastoma cells
F Lefranc, S Sauvage, G Van Goietsenoven, V Mégalizzi, ...
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Balanitin-6 and-7: diosgenyl saponins isolated from Balanites aegyptiaca Del. display significant anti-tumor activity in vitro and in vivo
C Gnoula, V Mégalizzi, N De Nève, S Sauvage, F Ribaucour, P Guissou, ...
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Videomicroscopic extraction of specific information on cell proliferation and migration in vitro
O Debeir, V Mégalizzi, N Warzée, R Kiss, C Decaestecker
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Sigma receptors and their ligands in cancer biology: overview and new perspectives for cancer therapy
V Megalizzi, M Le Mercier, C Decaestecker
Medicinal research reviews 32 (2), 410-427, 2012
In vitro antiprotozoal, antimicrobial and antitumor activity of Pavetta crassipes K. Schum leaf extracts
ES Baldé, V Megalizzi, MS Traoré, P Cos, L Maes, C Decaestecker, ...
Journal of ethnopharmacology 130 (3), 529-535, 2010
Automated tracking of unmarked cells migrating in three-dimensional matrices applied to anti-cancer drug screening
I Adanja, O Debeir, V Mégalizzi, R Kiss, N Warzée, C Decaestecker
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In vitro anticancer potential of tree extracts from the Walloon Region forest.
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Screening of anti-glioma effects induced by sigma-1 receptor ligands: potential new use for old anti-psychiatric medicines
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Macrophage migration inhibitory factor in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma: clinical and experimental studies
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Fusicoccin a, a phytotoxic carbotricyclic diterpene glucoside of fungal origin, reduces proliferation and invasion of glioblastoma cells by targeting multiple tyrosine kinases
M Bury, A Andolfi, B Rogister, A Cimmino, V Mégalizzi, V Mathieu, ...
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The waste of saffron crop, a cheap source of bioactive compounds
I Lahmass, T Lamkami, C Delporte, S Sikdar, P Van Antwerpen, ...
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A new method to address unmet needs for extracting individual cell migration features from a large number of cells embedded in 3D volumes
I Adanja, V Megalizzi, O Debeir, C Decaestecker
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Potent Antiproliferative Cembrenoids Accumulate in Tobacco upon Infection with Rhodococcus fascians and Trigger Unusual Microtubule Dynamics in Human Glioblastoma Cells.
AP Nacoulma, V Megalizzi, LR Pottier, M De Lorenzi, S Thoret, J Dubois, ...
PloS one 8 (10), e77529, 2013
Isostrychnopentamine, an indolomonoterpenic alkaloid from Strychnos usambarensis, with potential anti-tumor activity against apoptosis-resistant cancer cells Corrigendum in/ijo …
EH Saidou Balde, V Mégalizzi, M Cao, L Angenot, R Kiss, M Van Damme, ...
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The hypoglycemic and cytotoxic activity of the leave extract of Combretum glutinosum Perr ex DC
ES Balde, AK Camara, MS Traore, NM Balde, V Megalizzi, L Pieters, ...
Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry 8 (4), 2230-7, 2019
Phytochemistry investigation and antioxidant activity of four edible Verbenaceae of Burkina Faso
International Journal of Phytomedicine 9 (4), 655-672, 2017
An Active Fraction from DalbergiaTrichocarpa Baker Disrupts the Formation and Maintenance of Biofilms in Pseudomonas Aeruginosa PAO1
T Rasamiravaka, Q Labtani, A Mol, V Megalizzi, C Rabemanantsoa, ...
International Advanced Research Journal in Science, Engineering and …, 2016
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