Michail J. Beliatis
Michail J. Beliatis
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Role of the exposed polar facets in the performance of thermally and UV activated ZnO nanostructured gas sensors
MR Alenezi, AS Alshammari, KDGI Jayawardena, MJ Beliatis, SJ Henley, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 117 (34), 17850-17858, 2013
‘Inorganics-in-Organics’: recent developments and outlook for 4G polymer solar cells
KDGI Jayawardena, LJ Rozanski, CA Mills, MJ Beliatis, NA Nismy, ...
Nanoscale 5 (18), 8411-8427, 2013
Hybrid Graphene‐metal oxide solution processed electron transport layers for large area high‐performance organic photovoltaics
MJ Beliatis, KK Gandhi, LJ Rozanski, R Rhodes, L McCafferty, ...
Advanced Materials 26 (13), 2078-2083, 2014
Solution processed reduced graphene oxide/metal oxide hybrid electron transport layers for highly efficient polymer solar cells
KDGI Jayawardena, R Rhodes, KK Gandhi, MRR Prabhath, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 1 (34), 9922-9927, 2013
Roll-coating fabrication of flexible organic solar cells: comparison of fullerene and fullerene-free systems
K Liu, TT Larsen-Olsen, Y Lin, M Beliatis, E Bundgaard, M Jørgensen, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 4 (3), 1044-1051, 2016
Organic solar cells with plasmonic layers formed by laser nanofabrication
MJ Beliatis, SJ Henley, S Han, K Gandhi, A Adikaari, E Stratakis, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 15 (21), 8237-8244, 2013
Engineering the plasmon resonance of large area bimetallic nanoparticle films by laser nanostructuring for chemical sensors
MJ Beliatis, SJ Henley, SRP Silva
Optics letters 36 (8), 1362-1364, 2011
Baselines for lifetime of organic solar cells
SA Gevorgyan, N Espinosa, L Ciammaruchi, B Roth, F Livi, S Tsopanidis, ...
Advanced Energy Materials 6 (22), 1600910, 2016
Graphene oxide hole transport layers for large area, high efficiency organic solar cells
CTG Smith, RW Rhodes, MJ Beliatis, KDG Imalka Jayawardena, ...
Applied Physics Letters 105 (7), 129_1, 2014
Flexible ITO-free organic solar cells applying aqueous solution-processed V2O5 hole transport layer: An outdoor stability study
FAS Lima, MJ Beliatis, B Roth, TR Andersen, A Bortoti, Y Reyna, E Castro, ...
Apl Materials 4 (2), 026104, 2016
Laser implantation of plasmonic nanostructures into glass
SJ Henley, MJ Beliatis, V Stolojan, SRP Silva
Nanoscale 5 (3), 1054-1059, 2013
Laser ablation direct writing of metal nanoparticles for hydrogen and humidity sensors
MJ Beliatis, NA Martin, EJ Leming, SRP Silva, SJ Henley
Langmuir 27 (3), 1241-1244, 2010
3-Hybrid and nanocomposite materials for flexible organic electronics applications A2-Logothetidis, Stergios. Handbook of Flexible Organic Electronics
SRP Silva, MJ Beliatis, K Jayawardena, CA Mills, R Rhodes, LJ Rozanski
Oxford: Woodhead Publishing, 2015
A critical look at organic photovoltaic fabrication methodology: Defining performance enhancement parameters relative to active area
LJ Rozanski, CTG Smith, KK Gandhi, MJ Beliatis, GDMR Dabera, ...
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 130, 513-520, 2014
Hierarchically designed ZnO nanostructure based high performance gas sensors
MR Alenezi, TH Alzanki, AM Almeshal, AS Alshammari, MJ Beliatis, ...
RSC Advances 4 (90), 49521-49528, 2014
Silver grid transparent conducting electrodes for organic light emitting diodes
FLM Sam, MA Razali, KDGI Jayawardena, CA Mills, LJ Rozanski, ...
Organic Electronics 15 (12), 3492-3500, 2014
Understanding environmental influence on human service organizations: A study of the influence of managed care on child caring institutions
JM Jones
Administration in Social Work 30 (4), 63-90, 2006
Transplantation of bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells (BMSCs) improves brain ischemia-induced pulmonary injury in rats associated to TNF-α expression
Q He, X He, Y Wang, Y Zou, Q Xia, LL Xiong, C Luo, X Hu, J Liu, T Wang
Behavioral and Brain Functions 12 (1), 9, 2016
Role of stress factors on the adhesion of interfaces in R2R fabricated organic photovoltaics
M Corazza, N Rolston, RH Dauskardt, MJ Beliatis, FC Krebs, ...
Advanced Energy Materials 6 (11), 1501927, 2016
Simultaneous optical and electrical modeling of plasmonic light trapping in thin-film amorphous silicon photovoltaic devices
KK Gandhi, A Nejim, MJ Beliatis, CA Mills, SJ Henley, SRP Silva
Journal of Photonics for Energy 5 (1), 057007, 2015
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