Himer Avila-George
Himer Avila-George
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Classification of cape gooseberry fruit according to its level of ripeness using machine learning techniques and different color spaces
W Castro, J Oblitas, M De-La-Torre, C Cotrina, K Bazán, H Avila-George
IEEE Access 7, 27389-27400, 2019
Comparison between artificial neural network and partial least squares regression models for hardness modeling during the ripening process of Swiss-type cheese using spectral …
N Vásquez, C Magán, J Oblitas, T Chuquizuta, H Avila-George, W Castro
Journal of Food Engineering 219, 8-15, 2018
Age-based differences in preferences and affective reactions towards a robot's personality during interaction
J Martínez-Miranda, H Pérez-Espinosa, I Espinosa-Curiel, H Avila-George, ...
Computers in Human Behavior 84, 245-257, 2018
Multilayer perceptron architecture optimization using parallel computing techniques
W Castro, J Oblitas, R Santa-Cruz, H Avila-George
PloS one 12 (12), e0189369, 2017
Metaheuristic approach for constructing functional test-suites
H Avila-George, J Torres-Jimenez, L Gonzalez-Hernandez, V Hernández
IET software 7 (2), 104-117, 2013
Application of image analysis to optimization of the bread-making process based on the acceptability of the crust color
W Castro, J Oblitas, T Chuquizuta, H Avila-George
Journal of Cereal Science 74, 194-199, 2017
Simulated annealing for constructing mixed covering arrays
H Avila-George, J Torres-Jimenez, V Hernández, L Gonzalez-Hernandez
Distributed computing and artificial intelligence, 657-664, 2012
New bounds for ternary covering arrays using a parallel simulated annealing
H Avila-George, J Torres-Jimenez, V Hernández
Mathematical Problems in Engineering 2012, 2012
A two-stage algorithm for combinatorial testing
J Torres-Jimenez, H Avila-George, I Izquierdo-Marquez
Optimization Letters 11 (3), 457-469, 2017
Supercomputing and grid computing on the verification of covering arrays
H Avila-George, J Torres-Jimenez, N Rangel-Valdez, A Carrión, ...
Journal of supercomputing 62 (2), 916-945, 2012
Constructing covering arrays using parallel computing and grid computing
H Avila-George
Universitat Politècnica de València, 2012
A heuristic approach for constructing ternary covering arrays using trinomial coefficients
J Martinez-Pena, J Torres-Jimenez, N Rangel-Valdez, H Avila-George
Ibero-American Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 572-581, 2010
Multivariate analysis and machine learning for ripeness classification of cape gooseberry fruits
M De-la-Torre, O Zatarain, H Avila-George, M Muñoz, J Oblitas, R Lozada, ...
Processes 7 (12), 928, 2019
Evaluation of expert systems techniques for classifying different stages of coffee rust infection in hyperspectral images
W Castro, J Oblitas, J Maicelo, H Avila-George
International Journal of Computational Intelligence Systems 11 (1), 86-100, 2018
A greedy-metaheuristic 3-stage approach to construct covering arrays
I Izquierdo-Marquez, J Torres-Jimenez, B Acevedo-Juárez, ...
Information Sciences 460, 172-189, 2018
Construction of logarithm tables for Galois Fields
J Torres-Jimenez, N Rangel-Valdez, AL Gonzalez-Hernandez, ...
International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology 42 …, 2011
Feasibility of using spectral profiles for modeling water activity in five varieties of white quinoa grains
W Castro, JM Prieto, R Guerra, T Chuquizuta, WT Medina, ...
Journal of Food Engineering 238, 95-102, 2018
Tuning the parameters of a convolutional artificial neural network by using covering arrays
H Pérez-Espinosa, H Avila-George, J Rodriguez-Jacobo, ...
Research in Computing Science 121, 69-81, 2016
A branch & bound algorithm to derive a direct construction for binary covering arrays
J Torres-Jimenez, I Izquierdo-Marquez, A Gonzalez-Gomez, ...
Mexican International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 158-177, 2015
Parallel simulated annealing for the covering arrays construction problem
H Avila-George, J Torres-Jimenez, V Hernández
18th International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Processing …, 2012
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