Michele Soligo
Michele Soligo
Università roma Tre - Dipartimento di Scienze
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Late Pleistocene depositional cycles of the Lapis Tiburtinus travertine (Tivoli, Central Italy): possible influence of climate and fault activity
C Faccenna, M Soligo, A Billi, L De Filippis, R Funiciello, C Rossetti, ...
Global and Planetary Change 63 (4), 299-308, 2008
Plateau versus fissure ridge travertines from Quaternary geothermal springs of Italy and Turkey: Interactions and feedbacks between fluid discharge, paleoclimate, and tectonics
L De Filippis, C Faccenna, A Billi, E Anzalone, M Brilli, M Soligo, ...
Earth-Science Reviews 123, 35-52, 2013
U/Th dating of freshwater travertine from Middle Velino Valley (Central Italy): paleoclimatic and geological implications
M Soligo, P Tuccimei, R Barberi, MC Delitala, E Miccadei, A Taddeucci
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 184 (1-2), 147-161, 2002
A new test for equilibrium based on clinopyroxene–melt pairs: clues on the solidification temperatures of Etnean alkaline melts at post-eruptive conditions
S Mollo, K Putirka, V Misiti, M Soligo, P Scarlato
Chemical Geology 352, 92-100, 2013
Growth of fissure ridge travertines from geothermal springs of Denizli Basin, western Turkey
L De Filippis, C Faccenna, A Billi, E Anzalone, M Brilli, M Özkul, M Soligo, ...
Bulletin 124 (9-10), 1629-1645, 2012
Quaternary landscape evolution and erosion rates for an intramontane Neogene basin (Guadix–Baza basin, SE Spain)
JV Pérez-Peña, JM Azañón, A Azor, P Tuccimei, M Della Seta, M Soligo
Geomorphology 106 (3-4), 206-218, 2009
The influence of surface and tectonic processes on landscape evolution of the Iberian Chain (Spain): Quantitative geomorphological analysis and geochronology
VN Scotti, P Molin, C Faccenna, M Soligo, A Casas-Sainz
Geomorphology 206, 37-57, 2014
Constraining Holocene sea levels using U‐Th ages of phreatic overgrowths on speleothems from coastal caves in Mallorca (Western Mediterranean)
P Tuccimei, M Soligo, J Ginés, A Ginés, J Fornós, J Kramers, IM Villa
Earth Surface Processes and Landforms: The Journal of the British …, 2010
Geographically weighted regression and geostatistical techniques to construct the geogenic radon potential map of the Lazio region: A methodological proposal for the European …
G Ciotoli, M Voltaggio, P Tuccimei, M Soligo, A Pasculli, SE Beaubien, ...
Journal of environmental radioactivity 166, 355-375, 2017
Increase in radon emission due to rock failure: An experimental study
S Mollo, P Tuccimei, MJ Heap, S Vinciguerra, M Soligo, M Castelluccio, ...
Geophysical Research Letters 38 (14), 2011
Radon and thoron emission from lithophysae‐rich tuff under increasing deformation: An experimental study
P Tuccimei, S Mollo, S Vinciguerra, M Castelluccio, M Soligo
Geophysical Research Letters 37 (5), 2010
Calcrete features and age estimates from U/Th dating: Implications for the analysis of Quaternary erosion rates in the northern limb of the Sierra Nevada range (Betic …
JM Azañón, P Tuccimei, A Azor, IM Sánchez-Almazo, AM Alonso-Zarza, ...
A multidisciplinary approach to understanding carbonate deposition under tectonically controlled hydrothermal circulation: a case study from a recent travertine mound in the …
M Pola, A Gandin, P Tuccimei, M Soligo, R Deiana, P Fabbri, D Zampieri
Sedimentology 61 (1), 172-199, 2014
Soil genesis, morphodynamic processes and chronological implications in two soil transects of SE Sardinia, Italy: Traditional pedological study coupled with laser ablation ICP …
F Scarciglia, P Tuccimei, A Vacca, D Barca, I Pulice, R Salzano, M Soligo
Geoderma 162 (1-2), 39-64, 2011
Late Pleistocene vertebrate-bearing deposits at San Teodoro Cave (North-Eastern Sicily): Preliminary data on faunal diversification and chronology
L Bonfiglio, D Esu, G Mangano, F Masini, D Petruso, M Soligo, P Tuccimei
Quaternary International 190 (1), 26-37, 2008
The role of cooling rate in the origin of high temperature phases at the chilled margin of magmatic intrusions
S Mollo, V Misiti, P Scarlato, M Soligo
Chemical Geology 322, 28-46, 2012
Growth of a Pleistocene giant carbonate vein and nearby thermogene travertine deposits at Semproniano, southern Tuscany, Italy: Estimate of CO2 leakage
G Berardi, G Vignaroli, A Billi, F Rossetti, M Soligo, S Kele, MO Baykara, ...
Tectonophysics 690, 219-239, 2016
Tectonics, hydrothermalism, and paleoclimate recorded by Quaternary travertines and their spatio-temporal distribution in the Albegna basin, central Italy: Insights on …
G Vignaroli, G Berardi, A Billi, S Kele, F Rossetti, M Soligo, ...
Lithosphere 8 (4), 335-358, 2016
Interaction between regional and local tectonic forcing along a complex Quaternary extensional basin: Upper Tiber Valley, Northern Apennines, Italy
S Pucci, F Mirabella, F Pazzaglia, MR Barchi, L Melelli, P Tuccimei, ...
Quaternary Science Reviews 102, 111-132, 2014
Dome growth rates, eruption frequency and assessment of volcanic hazard: Insights from new U/Th dating of the Panarea and Basiluzzo dome lavas and pyroclastics, Aeolian Islands …
D Dolfi, D de Rita, C Cimarelli, S Mollo, M Soligo, M Fabbri
Quaternary International 162, 182-194, 2007
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