Dr Etienne Bousser, P.Eng., PhD
Dr Etienne Bousser, P.Eng., PhD
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Solid particle erosion mechanisms of protective coatings for aerospace applications
E Bousser, L Martinu, JE Klemberg-Sapieha
Surface and Coatings Technology 257, 165-181, 2014
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G Taillon, F Pougoum, S Lavigne, L Ton-That, R Schulz, E Bousser, ...
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J Kohout, E Bousser, T Schmitt, R Vernhes, O Zabeida, ...
Vacuum 124, 96-100, 2016
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Thermal stability of a Stellite/steel hardfacing interface during long-term aging
Y Wu, E Bousser, T Schmitt, N Tarfa, F Khelfaoui, R René, ...
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E Bousser, L Martinu, JE Klemberg-Sapieha
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Solid solution hardening in nanolaminate ZrN-TiN coatings with enhanced wear resistance
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Thin Solid Films 688, 137431, 2019
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