Karamouzos Vasilios
Karamouzos Vasilios
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Acute respiratory distress syndrome: pathophysiology and therapeutic options
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Triple combination therapy with high-dose ampicillin/sulbactam, high-dose tigecycline and colistin in the treatment of ventilator-associated pneumonia caused by pan-drug …
SF Assimakopoulos, V Karamouzos, A Lefkaditi, C Sklavou, F Kolonitsiou, ...
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Extracorporeal Life Support: The Next Step in Moderate to Severe ARDS—A Review and Meta-Analysis of the Literature
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Differential diagnosis and treatment of acute cauda equina syndrome in the human immunodeficiency virus positive patient: a case report and review of the literature
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High flow nasal cannula oxygen therapy in adults with COVID-19 respiratory failure. A case report
V Karamouzos, F Fligou, C Gogos, D Velissaris
Monaldi Archives for Chest Disease 90 (2), 2020
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