Valentino Vranić
Valentino Vranić
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Παρατίθεται από
Reconciling Feature Modeling: A Feature Modeling Metamodel
V Vranić
Proc. of 5th Annual International Conference on Object-Oriented and Internet …, 2004
Evolution of Web Applications with Aspect-Oriented Design Patterns
M Bebjak, V Vranić, P Dolog
Proc. of ICWE 2007 Workshops, 2nd International Workshop on Adaptation and …, 2007
Integrating Feature Modeling into UML
V Vranić, J Šnirc
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Multi-paradigm design with feature modeling
V Vranić
Computer Science and Information Systems (ComSIS) 2 (1), 79-102, 2005
Symmetric Aspect-Orientation: Some Practical Consequences
J Bálik, V Vranić
In Proc. of NEMARA 2012: International Workshop on Next Generation …, 2012
A Configurable UML Based Use Case Modeling Metamodel
Ľ Zelinka, V Vranić
Proc. of 1st Eastern European Regional Conference on the Engineering of …, 2009
Representing change by aspect
P Dolog, V Vranić, M Bieliková
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Animating organizational patterns
T Frt'ala, V Vranić
In Proceedings of 8th International Workshop on Cooperative and Human …, 2015
Towards multi-paradigm software development
V Vranić
Journal of Computing and Information Technology 10 (2), 133-147, 2002
AspectJ Paradigm Model: A Basis for Multi-Paradigm Design for AspectJ
V Vranić
Proc. of the Third International Conference on Generative and Component …, 2001
Aspect-Oriented Change Realization Based on Multi-Paradigm Design with Feature Modeling
R Menkyna, V Vranić
In Proc. of 4th IFIP TC2 Central and East European Conference on Software …, 2012
Composition and Categorization of Aspect-Oriented Design Patterns
R Menkyna, V Vranić, I Polášek
In Proc. of 8th International Symposium on Applied Machine Intelligence and …, 2010
Preserving Use Case Flows in Source Code: Approach, Context, and Challenges
M Bystrický, V Vranić
Computer Science and Information Systems Journal (ComSIS) 14 (2), 423–445, 2017
Challenges in Preserving Intent Comprehensibility in Software.
V Vranić, J Porubän, M Bystrický, T Frťala, I Polášek, M Nosáľ, J Lang
Acta Polytechnica Hungarica, 2015
A Configurable Use Case Modeling Metamodel with Superimposed Variants
V Vranić, Ľ Zelinka
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Developing Applications with Aspect-Oriented Change Realization
V Vranić, M Bebjak, R Menkyna, P Dolog
In Proc. of 3rd IFIP TC2 Central and East European Conference on Software …, 2008
Treating Pattern Sublanguages as Patterns with an Application to Organizational Patterns
WS Khail, V Vranić
Proceedings of the 22nd European Conference on Pattern Languages of Programs, 6, 2017
Feature Model Driven Generation of Software Artifacts
R Táborský, V Vranić
Proceedings of 5th Workshop on Advances in Programming Languages, WAPL'15 …, 2015
Replacing Object-Oriented Design Patterns with Intrinsic Aspect-Oriented Design Patterns
P Bača, V Vranić
In Proc. of 2nd Eastern European Regional Conference on the Engineering of …, 2011
Aspect-Oriented Change Realizations and Their Interaction
V Vranić, R Menkyna, M Bebjak, P Dolog
e-Informatica Software Engineering Journal 3 (1), 43-58, 2009
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