Joseph Kioseoglou
Joseph Kioseoglou
Associate Professor, Department of Physics, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
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Indium migration paths in V-defects of InAlN grown by metal-organic vapor phase epitaxy
T Kehagias, GP Dimitrakopulos, J Kioseoglou, H Kirmse, C Giesen, ...
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Selective area growth of well-ordered ZnO nanowire arrays with controllable polarity
V Consonni, E Sarigiannidou, E Appert, A Bocheux, S Guillemin, ...
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SL Sahonta, GP Dimitrakopulos, T Kehagias, J Kioseoglou, ...
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Nanostructure and strain in InGaN/GaN superlattices grown in GaN nanowires
T Kehagias, GP Dimitrakopulos, P Becker, J Kioseoglou, F Furtmayr, ...
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Kinetic trapping through coalescence and the formation of patterned Ag–Cu nanoparticles
P Grammatikopoulos, J Kioseoglou, A Galea, J Vernieres, M Benelmekki, ...
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A modified empirical potential for energetic calculations of planar defects in GaN
J Kioseoglou, HM Polatoglou, L Lymperakis, G Nouet, P Komninou
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Rampant host switching shaped the termite gut microbiome
T Bourguignon, N Lo, C Dietrich, J Šobotník, S Sidek, Y Roisin, A Brune, ...
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K Iordanidou, J Kioseoglou, VV Afanas’Ev, A Stesmans, M Houssa
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 19 (15), 9862-9871, 2017
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J Kioseoglou, GP Dimitrakopulos, P Komninou, T Karakostas, ...
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Hydrogen flux through size selected Pd nanoparticles into underlying Mg nanofilms
S Kumar, T Pavloudis, V Singh, H Nguyen, S Steinhauer, C Pursell, ...
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Effect of edge threading dislocations on the electronic structure of InN
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Tuning the onset of ferromagnetism in heterogeneous bimetallic nanoparticles by gas phase doping
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Physical Review Materials 1 (6), 066001, 2017
Computational modeling of nanoparticle coalescence
P Grammatikopoulos, M Sowwan, J Kioseoglou
Advanced Theory and Simulations 2 (6), 1900013, 2019
Publications in journals
OC Haenssler, MF Wieghaus, A Kostopoulos, G Doundoulakis, ...
Interatomic potential calculations of III (Al, In)–N planar defects with a III‐species environment approach
J Kioseoglou, P Komninou, T Karakostas
physica status solidi (b) 245 (6), 1118-1124, 2008
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