Willian Nalepa Oizumi
Willian Nalepa Oizumi
PhD Student, PUC-Rio
Η διεύθυνση ηλεκτρονικού ταχυδρομείου έχει επαληθευτεί στον τομέα inf.puc-rio.br - Αρχική σελίδα
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Παρατίθεται από
Code anomalies flock together: Exploring code anomaly agglomerations for locating design problems
W Oizumi, A Garcia, LDS Sousa, B Cafeo, Y Zhao
2016 IEEE/ACM 38th International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE …, 2016
JSpIRIT: a flexible tool for the analysis of code smells
S Vidal, H Vazquez, JA Diaz-Pace, C Marcos, A Garcia, W Oizumi
2015 34th International Conference of the Chilean Computer Science Society …, 2015
On the relationship of code-anomaly agglomerations and architectural problems
WN Oizumi, AF Garcia, TE Colanzi, M Ferreira, AV Staa
Journal of Software Engineering Research and Development 3 (1), 1-22, 2015
A search-based approach for software product line design
TE Colanzi, SR Vergilio, IMS Gimenes, WN Oizumi
Proceedings of the 18th International Software Product Line Conference …, 2014
When code-anomaly agglomerations represent architectural problems? An exploratory study
WN Oizumi, AF Garcia, TE Colanzi, M Ferreira, A von Staa
2014 Brazilian symposium on software engineering, 91-100, 2014
Identifying Design Problems in the Source Code
L Sousa, A Oliveira, W Oizumi, S Barbosa, A Garcia, J Lee, B Fonseca, ...
40th International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE), 2018
Identifying architectural problems through prioritization of code smells
S Vidal, E Guimaraes, W Oizumi, A Garcia, AD Pace, C Marcos
2016 X Brazilian Symposium on Software Components, Architectures and Reuse …, 2016
On the identification of design problems in stinky code: experiences and tool support
W Oizumi, L Sousa, A Oliveira, A Garcia, AB Agbachi, R Oliveira, ...
Journal of the Brazilian Computer Society 24 (1), 1-30, 2018
How do software developers identify design problems? a qualitative analysis
L Sousa, R Oliveira, A Garcia, J Lee, T Conte, W Oizumi, R de Mello, ...
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On the criteria for prioritizing code anomalies to identify architectural problems
S Vidal, E Guimaraes, W Oizumi, A Garcia, AD Pace, C Marcos
Proceedings of the 31st Annual ACM Symposium on Applied Computing, 1812-1814, 2016
On the density and diversity of degradation symptoms in refactored classes: A multi-case study
W Oizumi, L Sousa, A Oliveira, L Carvalho, A Garcia, T Colanzi, R Oliveira
2019 IEEE 30th International Symposium on Software Reliability Engineering …, 2019
Do research and practice of code smell identification walk together? a social representations analysis
R de Mello, A Uchôa, R Oliveira, W Oizumi, J Souza, K Mendes, ...
2019 ACM/IEEE International Symposium on Empirical Software Engineering and …, 2019
Ranking architecturally critical agglomerations of code smells
S Vidal, W Oizumi, A Garcia, AD Pace, C Marcos
Science of Computer Programming 182, 64-85, 2019
Removal of design problems through refactorings: are we looking at the right symptoms?
A Eposhi, W Oizumi, A Garcia, L Sousa, R Oliveira, A Oliveira
2019 IEEE/ACM 27th International Conference on Program Comprehension (ICPC …, 2019
Characterizing and Identifying Composite Refactorings: Concepts, Heuristics and Patterns
L Sousa, D Cedrim, A Garcia, W Oizumi, AC Bibiano, D Tenorio, M Kim, ...
17th International Conference on Mining Software Repositories (MSR), 2020
Revealing design problems in stinky code: a mixed-method study
W Oizumi, L Sousa, A Garcia, R Oliveira, A Oliveira, OIAB Agbachi, ...
Proceedings of the 11th Brazilian Symposium on Software Components …, 2017
How Does Modern Code Review Impact Software Design Degradation? An In-depth Empirical Study
A Uchôa, C Barbosa, W Oizumi, P Blenilio, R Lima, A Garcia, C Bezerra
2020 IEEE International Conference on Software Maintenance and Evolution …, 2020
Refactoring effect on internal quality attributes: What haven’t they told you yet?
E Fernandes, A Chávez, A Garcia, I Ferreira, D Cedrim, L Sousa, ...
Information and Software Technology 126, 106347, 2020
On the prioritization of design-relevant smelly elements: A mixed-method, multi-project study
A Oliveira, L Sousa, W Oizumi, A Garcia
Proceedings of the XIII Brazilian Symposium on Software Components …, 2019
Deteccao interativa de anomalias de codigo: Um estudo experimental
D Albuquerque, A Garcia, R Oliveira, W Oizumi
WMod’14 at Cbsoft, 2014
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