Athanasios Chymis
Athanasios Chymis
Η διεύθυνση ηλεκτρονικού ταχυδρομείου έχει επαληθευτεί στον τομέα - Αρχική σελίδα
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Asymmetric information in cattle auctions: the problem of revaccinations
AG Chymis, HS James Jr, S Konduru, VL Pierce, RL Larson
Agricultural Economics 36 (1), 79-88, 2007
Are happy people ethical people? Evidence from North America and Europe
HS James Jr, A Chymis
Evidence from North America and Europe (July 2004). University of Missouri …, 2004
Are happy people ethical people? Evidence from North America and Europe
HS James Jr, A Chymis
Evidence from North America and Europe (July 2004). University of Missouri …, 2004
Determinants of organic food consumption in Egypt
MA Mohamed, A Chymis, AA Shelaby
International Journal of Economics and Business Modeling 3 (3), 183, 2012
The impact of the government policies and incentives to promote the export of agricultural products in Tunisia: the case of olive oil
W Larbi, A Chymes
Food Economics–Acta Agricult Scand C 7 (2-4), 107-118, 2010
Corporate social responsibility: a likely causality of the crisis or a potential exit strategy component? A proposition development for an economy under pressure
A Skouloudis, A Chymis, S Allan, K Evangelinos
Social Responsibility Journal, 2014
Public management as corporate social responsibility
M Di Bitetto, A Chymis, P D’Anselmi
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Environmental information, asymmetric information, and financial markets: A game-theoretic approach
IE Nikolaou, A Chymis, K Evangelinos
Environmental Modeling & Assessment 18 (6), 615-628, 2013
Reconciling Friedman with corporate social responsibility: How market competition affects corporate social performance
A Chymis
VDM, Müller, 2008
National CSR and institutional conditions: An exploratory study
A Chymis, A Skouloudis
13th European Economic Financial Society (EEFS) annual conference …, 2014
Support for Farmers' Cooperatives: Experiences of Non-EU OECD Countries
C Iliopoulos, ML Cook, G Hendrikse, A Chymis, KJ Poppe, J Bijman
Wageningen UR, 2012
Unknown values and stakeholders: The pro-business outcome and the role of competition
P D'Anselmi, A Chymis, M Di Bitetto
Springer, 2017
Support for Farmers' Cooperatives
C Iliopoulos, ML Cook, GWJ Hendrikse, A Chymis
Unpublished country report Greece, Wageningen UR, The Netherlands, 2012
Corporate Social Performance needs more Competition not less: an idea for a paradigm shift in CSP
A Chymis, MD Bitetto, P D'Anselmi
Corporate Social Performance: Paradoxes - pitfalls and pathways to the …, 2015
’Anselmi, eds. 2015a
M Di Bitetto, A Chymis, D Paolo
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The importance of responsible public management for addressing the challenge of poverty
A Chymis, M Di Bitetto, P D’Anselmi, A Skouloudis
Responsible management education and the challenge of poverty: A teaching …, 2016
Corporate Social Responsibility in Greece: a crisis’ victim or a potential solution?
A Chymis, A Skouloudis, K Evangelinos
Greek Economic Outlook 15, 84-93, 2011
Non-profit organizations not subject to competition
P D’Anselmi, A Chymis, M Di Bitetto
Unknown Values and Stakeholders, 53-63, 2017
Using Friedman to understand the relationship between market competition and corporate social performance
AG Chymis
University of Missouri--Columbia, 2007
Integrating Social Responsibility into Public Institutions, Organizations, and Administration
A Chymis, P D’Anselmi, C Triantopoulos
M. Gudic, ed., and TK Tan, ed., Beyond the Bottom Line: Integrating …, 2017
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