Ian Maskery
Ian Maskery
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The microstructure and mechanical properties of selectively laser melted AlSi10Mg: The effect of a conventional T6-like heat treatment
NT Aboulkhair, I Maskery, C Tuck, I Ashcroft, NM Everitt
Materials Science and Engineering: A 667, 139-146, 2016
A mechanical property evaluation of graded density Al-Si10-Mg lattice structures manufactured by selective laser melting
I Maskery, NT Aboulkhair, AO Aremu, CJ Tuck, IA Ashcroft, RD Wildman, ...
Materials Science and Engineering: A 670, 264-274, 2016
X-ray computed tomography for additive manufacturing: a review
A Thompson, I Maskery, RK Leach
Measurement Science and Technology 27 (7), 072001, 2016
A study on the laser spatter and the oxidation reactions during selective laser melting of 316L stainless steel, Al-Si10-Mg, and Ti-6Al-4V
M Simonelli, C Tuck, NT Aboulkhair, I Maskery, I Ashcroft, RD Wildman, ...
Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A 46 (9), 3842-3851, 2015
On the formation of AlSi10Mg single tracks and layers in selective laser melting: Microstructure and nano-mechanical properties
NT Aboulkhair, I Maskery, C Tuck, I Ashcroft, NM Everitt
Journal of Materials Processing Technology 230, 88-98, 2016
Quantification and characterisation of porosity in selectively laser melted Al–Si10–Mg using X-ray computed tomography
I Maskery, NT Aboulkhair, MR Corfield, C Tuck, AT Clare, RK Leach, ...
Materials Characterization 111, 193-204, 2016
Improving the fatigue behaviour of a selectively laser melted aluminium alloy: Influence of heat treatment and surface quality
NT Aboulkhair, I Maskery, C Tuck, I Ashcroft, NM Everitt
Materials & Design 104, 174-182, 2016
Compressive failure modes and energy absorption in additively manufactured double gyroid lattices
I Maskery, NT Aboulkhair, AO Aremu, CJ Tuck, IA Ashcroft
Additive Manufacturing 16, 24-29, 2017
On the precipitation hardening of selective laser melted AlSi10Mg
NT Aboulkhair, C Tuck, I Ashcroft, I Maskery, NM Everitt
Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A 46 (8), 3337-3341, 2015
Insights into the mechanical properties of several triply periodic minimal surface lattice structures made by polymer additive manufacturing
I Maskery, L Sturm, AO Aremu, A Panesar, CB Williams, CJ Tuck, ...
Polymer 152, 62-71, 2018
An investigation into reinforced and functionally graded lattice structures
I Maskery, A Hussey, A Panesar, A Aremu, C Tuck, I Ashcroft, R Hague
Journal of Cellular Plastics 53 (2), 151-165, 2017
Effective design and simulation of surface-based lattice structures featuring volume fraction and cell type grading
I Maskery, AO Aremu, L Parry, RD Wildman, CJ Tuck, IA Ashcroft
Materials & Design 155, 220-232, 2018
Environmental impacts of selective laser melting: do printer, powder, or power dominate?
J Faludi, M Baumers, I Maskery, R Hague
Journal of Industrial Ecology 21 (S1), S144-S156, 2017
Mechanical properties of Ti-6Al-4V selectively laser melted parts with body-centred-cubic lattices of varying cell size
I Maskery, AO Aremu, M Simonelli, C Tuck, RD Wildman, IA Ashcroft, ...
Experimental Mechanics 55 (7), 1261-1272, 2015
Design and analysis of strut-based lattice structures for vibration isolation
WP Syam, W Jianwei, B Zhao, I Maskery, W Elmadih, R Leach
Precision Engineering 52, 494-506, 2018
Cubic MnSb: Epitaxial growth of a predicted room temperature half-metal
JD Aldous, CW Burrows, AM Sánchez, R Beanland, I Maskery, ...
Physical Review B 85 (6), 060403, 2012
Selective laser melting of aluminum alloys
NT Aboulkhair, NM Everitt, I Maskery, I Ashcroft, C Tuck
MRS Bulletin 42 (4), 311-319, 2017
Fatigue performance enhancement of selectively laser melted aluminium alloy by heat treatment
I Maskery, NT Aboulkhair, C Tuck, RD Wildman, IA Ashcroft, NM Everitt, ...
26th Annual International Solid Freeform Fabrication Symposium, Austin …, 2015
Ferrimagnetism in Fe-rich NbFe 2
TD Haynes, I Maskery, MW Butchers, JA Duffy, JW Taylor, SR Giblin, ...
Physical Review B 85 (11), 115137, 2012
Dynamic compressive response of additively manufactured AlSi10Mg alloy hierarchical honeycomb structures
Y Zhang, T Liu, H Ren, I Maskery, I Ashcroft
Composite Structures 195, 45-59, 2018
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