Zheng Gong
Zheng Gong
Associate Professor of Computer Science, South China Normal University
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KLEIN: a new family of lightweight block ciphers
Z Gong, S Nikova, YW Law
International Workshop on Radio Frequency Identification: Security and …, 2011
Critical population density triggers rapid formation of vast oceanic fish shoals
NC Makris, P Ratilal, S Jagannathan, Z Gong, M Andrews, I Bertsatos, ...
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Two certificateless aggregate signatures from bilinear maps
Z Gong, Y Long, X Hong, K Chen
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Compact implementation and performance evaluation of block ciphers in ATtiny devices
T Eisenbarth, Z Gong, T Güneysu, S Heyse, S Indesteege, S Kerckhof, ...
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Effect of Rhizobium japonicum and Endogone mosseae on soybean root rot caused by Phythium ultimum and Phytophthora megasperma var. sojae
LG Chou, AF Schmitthenner
Plant disease reporter, 1974
Is “morphodynamic equilibrium” an oxymoron?
Z Zhou, G Coco, I Townend, M Olabarrieta, M Van Der Wegen, Z Gong, ...
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A novel cobalt-free cathode with triple-conduction for proton-conducting solid oxide fuel cells with unprecedented performance
Y Xia, Z Jin, H Wang, Z Gong, H Lv, R Peng, W Liu, L Bi
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Compact implementation and performance evaluation of hash functions in attiny devices
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Low-frequency target strength and abundance of shoaling Atlantic herring (Clupea harengus) in the Gulf of Maine during the Ocean Acoustic Waveguide Remote …
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Ocean acoustic waveguide remote sensing (OAWRS) of marine ecosystems
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Time-resolved photoluminescence spectra of self-assembled InAs/GaAs quantum dots
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Rock magnetic cyclostratigraphy of the Doushantuo Formation, South China and its implications for the duration of the Shuram carbon isotope excursion
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Estimating total discharge in the Yangtze River Basin using satellite-based observations
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High-efficiency -ray flash generation via multiple-laser scattering in ponderomotive potential well
Z Gong, RH Hu, YR Shou, B Qiao, CE Chen, XT He, SS Bulanov, ...
Physical Review E 95 (1), 013210, 2017
Ecosystem scale acoustic sensing reveals humpback whale behavior synchronous with herring spawning processes and re-evaluation finds no effect of sonar on humpback song …
Z Gong, AD Jain, D Tran, DH Yi, F Wu, A Zorn, P Ratilal, NC Makris
PloS one 9 (10), e104733, 2014
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