David Lange
David Lange
Senior Lecturer in Structural Engineering at the University of Queensland
Η διεύθυνση ηλεκτρονικού ταχυδρομείου έχει επαληθευτεί στον τομέα uq.edu.au
ΤίτλοςΠαρατίθεται απόΈτος
Tall building collapse mechanisms initiated by fire: Mechanisms and design methodology
D Lange, C Röben, A Usmani
Engineering Structures 36, 90-103, 2012
Performance of structural glass facades under extreme loads–Design methods, existing research, current issues and trends
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D Lange, S Devaney, A Usmani
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The need for hierarchies of acceptance criteria for probabilistic risk assessments in fire engineering
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A Byström, J Sjöström, U Wickström, D Lange, M Veljkovic
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Overview of problems and solutions in fire protection engineering of wind turbines
S Uadiale, E Urban, R Carvel, D Lange, G Rein
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Engineering Structures 150, 537-549, 2017
A comparison of an explicit and an implicit transient strain formulation for concrete in fire
D Lange, R Jansson
11th Symposium of the International Association for Fire Safety Science, 2014
The reduced cross section method applied to glulam timber exposed to non-standard fire curves
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Development of a European approach to assess the fire performance of facades
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Mechanical response of a partially restrained column exposed to localised fires
D Lange, J Sjöström
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Critical infrastructure resilience index
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Assessing the adhesive performance in CLT exposed to fire
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Uncertainty propagation in FE modelling of a fire resistance test using fractional factorial design based model reduction and deterministic sampling
K Olsson, J Anderson, D Lange
Fire safety journal 91, 517-523, 2017
A-priori modelling of the Tisova Fire Test as input to the experimental work
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Directional dependence of deflections and damages during fire tests of post-tensioned concrete slabs
J Sjöström, D Lange, R Jansson, L Boström
Proceedings of the 7th international conference on structures in fire—SIF …, 2012
Charring rate of timber in natural fires
D Lange, L Boström, J Schmid, J Albrektsson
8th International Conference on Structures in Fire, 2013
Risk and performance based fire safety design of steel and composite structures
D Lange
The University of Edinburgh, 2009
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