Adriana Alexandru
Adriana Alexandru
National Institute for Research and Development in Informatics
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ICT and its impact upon the globalization and accessibility of the education in the health domain
A Alexandru, M Ianculescu, M Parvan, E Jitaru
Paper International Conference on Education and Educational Technology 287, 291, 2007
ICT challenges and issues in climate change education
A Alexandru, M Ianculescu, E Tudora, O Bica
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Enabling assistive technologies to shape the future of the intensive senior-centred care: A case study approach
A Alexandru, M Ianculescu
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Opportunities brought by big data in providing silver digital patients with ICT-based services that support independent living and lifelong learning
M Ianculescu, A Alexandru, E Tudora
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Education for energy saving in the house
A Alexandru, E Jitaru
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Healthcare, Big Data and Cloud Computing
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Enhanced education by using intelligent agents in multi-agent adaptive e-learning systems
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Computer Supported Cooperative Work-An Example for Implementing a Web-based Platform Application
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Harnessing the potential of big data in romanian healthcare
M Ianculescu, A Alexandru, M Gheorghe-Moisii
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Use of RFID Technology for Identification, Traceability, Monitoring and Checking of Product Authenticity
A Alxandru, E Tudora, O Bica
World Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Technology 71, 765-769, 2010
Use of RFID Technology for Identification, Traceability Monitoring and the Checking of Product Authenticity
A Alexandru, E Tudora, O Bica
World Academy of Science. Engineering and Technology 71, 765-769, 2010
Big data: concepts, technologies and applications in the public sector
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Innovative research concerning eHealth products and services in Romania
D Banciu, A Alexandru
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Big Data in Healthcare and Medical Applications in Romania
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The causal relationship between unemployment rate and US shadow economy. A Toda-Yamamoto approach
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Ontology-based modeling and inference for occupational risk prevention
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Content Accessibility of Web documents. Principles and Recommendations
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Using OLAP systems to manage environmental risks in Dambovita County
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Bulletin of University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Cluj …, 2010
Improved patient engagement in self-management of health, a key to sustainable preventative healthcare systems
A Alexandru, M Ianculescu, D Coardos
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Smart integration of health data an agent of change for implementing a holistic approach for a personalised healthcare
A Alexandru, M Ianculescu, D Coardos
Proceedings of the 16th International Conference on INFORMATICS in ECONOMY …, 2017
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