Dimitrios Konios
Dimitrios Konios
Research Associate, Center of Advanced Materials & Photonics, TEI of Crete, Greece
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Dispersion behaviour of graphene oxide and reduced graphene oxide
D Konios, MM Stylianakis, E Stratakis, E Kymakis
Journal of colloid and interface science 430, 108-112, 2014
Efficiency and stability enhancement in perovskite solar cells by inserting lithium‐neutralized graphene oxide as electron transporting layer
A Agresti, S Pescetelli, L Cinà, D Konios, G Kakavelakis, E Kymakis, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 26 (16), 2686-2694, 2016
Graphene Interface Engineering for Perovskite Solar Modules: 12.6% Power Conversion Efficiency over 50 cm2 Active Area
A Agresti, S Pescetelli, AL Palma, AE Del Rio Castillo, D Konios, ...
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Efficient and highly air stable planar inverted perovskite solar cells with reduced graphene oxide doped PCBM electron transporting layer
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Improving the efficiency of organic photovoltaics by tuning the work function of graphene oxide hole transporting layers
E Stratakis, K Savva, D Konios, C Petridis, E Kymakis
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Reduced graphene oxide micromesh electrodes for large area, flexible, organic photovoltaic devices
D Konios, C Petridis, G Kakavelakis, M Sygletou, K Savva, E Stratakis, ...
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KT Cho, G Grancini, Y Lee, D Konios, S Paek, E Kymakis, ...
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Laser induced nucleation of plasmonic nanoparticles on two-dimensional nanosheets for organic photovoltaics
M Sygletou, P Tzourmpakis, C Petridis, D Konios, C Fotakis, E Kymakis, ...
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MM Stylianakis, D Konios, G Kakavelakis, G Charalambidis, E Stratakis, ...
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Ternary Organic Solar Cells with Reduced Graphene Oxide–Sb2S3 Hybrid Nanosheets as the Cascade Material
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Electron field emission from graphene oxide wrinkles
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MM Stylianakis, D Konios, G Viskadouros, D Vernardou, N Katsarakis, ...
Dyes and Pigments 146, 408-413, 2017
Stability enhancement of organic photovoltaic devices utilizing partially reduced graphene oxide as the hole transport layer: nanoscale insight into structural/interfacial …
B Paci, G Kakavelakis, A Generosi, VR Albertini, JP Wright, C Ferrero, ...
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Slow photocharging and reduced hysteresis in low-temperature processed planar perovskite solar cells
N Vaenas, D Konios, T Stergiopoulos, E Kymakis
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Energy-level alignment and open-circuit voltage at graphene/polymer interfaces: theory and experiment
K Noori, D Konios, MM Stylianakis, E Kymakis, F Giustino
2D Materials 3 (1), 015003, 2016
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