Mark Bieler
Mark Bieler
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Ultrafast shift and injection currents observed in wurtzite semiconductors via emitted terahertz radiation
N Laman, M Bieler, HM Van Driel
Journal of applied physics 98 (10), 103507, 2005
Ultrafast spin-polarized electrical currents injected in a strained zinc blende semiconductor by single color pulses
M Bieler, N Laman, HM Van Driel, AL Smirl
Applied Physics Letters 86 (6), 061102, 2005
Simultaneous generation of shift and injection currents in (110)-grown quantum wells
M Bieler, K Pierz, U Siegner
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H Füser, S Eichstädt, K Baaske, C Elster, K Kuhlmann, R Judaschke, ...
Measurement Science and Technology 23 (2), 025201, 2011
Shift currents from symmetry reduction and Coulomb effects in (110)-orientated quantum wells
M Bieler, K Pierz, U Siegner, P Dawson
Physical Review B 76 (16), 161304, 2007
Shift currents from symmetry reduction and Coulomb effects in (110)-orientated GaAs∕ Al 0.3 Ga 0.7 As quantum wells
M Bieler, K Pierz, U Siegner, P Dawson
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S Seitz, M Bieler, M Spitzer, K Pierz, G Hein, U Siegner
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Rise-time calibration of 50-GHz sampling oscilloscopes: Intercomparison between PTB and NPL
M Bieler, S Seitz, M Spitzer, G Hein, K Pierz, U Siegner, MA Basu, ...
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C Jördens, T Schlauch, M Li, MR Hofmann, M Bieler, M Koch
Applied Physics B 93 (2-3), 515-520, 2008
THz generation from resonant excitation of semiconductor nanostructures: Investigation of second-order nonlinear optical effects
M Bieler
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High-precision frequency measurements in the THz spectral region using an unstabilized femtosecond laser
H Füser, R Judaschke, M Bieler
Applied Physics Letters 99 (12), 121111, 2011
Reversal of coherently controlled ultrafast photocurrents by band mixing in undoped GaAs quantum wells
S Priyadarshi, AM Racu, K Pierz, U Siegner, M Bieler, HT Duc, J Förstner, ...
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M Bieler, M Spitzer, K Pierz, U Siegner
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M Bieler, K Pierz, U Siegner, P Dawson
Physical Review B 73 (24), 241312, 2006
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R Singh, TM Autry, G Nardin, G Moody, H Li, K Pierz, M Bieler, ST Cundiff
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All-optically induced ultrafast photocurrents: Beyond the instantaneous coherent response
S Priyadarshi, K Pierz, M Bieler
Physical review letters 109 (21), 216601, 2012
Terahertz spectroscopy of shift currents resulting from asymmetric (110)-oriented GaAs/AlGaAs quantum wells
S Priyadarshi, M Leidinger, K Pierz, AM Racu, U Siegner, M Bieler, ...
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Ultrafast optics establishes metrological standards in high-frequency electronics
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Time-domain optoelectronic vector network analysis on coplanar waveguides
M Bieler, H Füser, K Pierz
IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques 63 (11), 3775-3784, 2015
Spatial pattern formation of optically excited carriers in photoconductive switches
M Bieler, G Hein, K Pierz, U Siegner, M Koch
Applied Physics Letters 77 (7), 1002-1004, 2000
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