Rachel Beane
Rachel Beane
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs; Anne T. and Robert M. Bass Professor of Natural Sciences
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Petrology and geochemistry of late-stage intrusions of the A-type, mid-Proterozoic Pikes Peak batholith (Central Colorado, USA): implications for petrogenetic models
DR Smith, J Noblett, RA Wobus, D Unruh, J Douglass, R Beane, C Davis, ...
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Zircon record of the plutonic-volcanic connection and protracted rhyolite melt evolution
CD Deering, B Keller, B Schoene, O Bachmann, R Beane, M Ovtcharova
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Clast-based kinematic vorticity gauges: the effects of slip at matrix/clast interfaces
SE Johnson, HJ Lenferink, NA Price, JH Marsh, PO Koons, DP West Jr, ...
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40Ar/39Ar, U–Pb, and Sm–Nd constraints on the timing of metamorphic events in the Maksyutov Complex, southern Ural Mountains
RJ Beane, JN Connelly
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Petrology and retrograde P‐T path for eclogites of the Maksyutov Complex, Southern Ural Mountains, Russia
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Using the scanning electron microscope for discovery based learning in undergraduate courses
RJ Beane
Journal of Geoscience Education 52 (3), 250-253, 2004
Asymmetrical quartz crystallographic fabrics formed during constrictional deformation
WA Sullivan, RJ Beane
Journal of Structural Geology 32 (10), 1430-1443, 2010
Heterogeneous constrictional deformation in a ductile shear zone resulting from the transposition of a lineation-parallel fold
P Xypolias, V Chatzaras, R Beane, S Papadopoulou
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RJ Beane
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Origin of quartz clusters in Vinalhaven granite and porphyry, coastal Maine
R Beane, RA Wiebe
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Metasomatism in serpentinite mélange rocks from the high-pressure Maksyutov Complex, southern Ural Mountains, Russia
RJ Beane, JG Liou
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Accelerating change: The power of faculty change agents to promote diversity and inclusive teaching practices
RH Macdonald, RJ Beane, EMD Baer, PL Eddy, NR Emerson, J Hodder, ...
Journal of Geoscience Education 67 (4), 330-339, 2019
Chopinite-sarcopside solid solution, [(Mg,Fe)3□](PO4)2, in GRA95209, a transitional acapulcoite: Implications for phosphate genesis in meteorites
ES Grew, MG Yates, RJ Beane, C Floss, C Gerbi
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RJ Beane, CK Field
Journal of Metamorphic Geology 25 (2), 117-128, 2007
The Maksyutov Complex: The first UHP terrane 40 years later
R Beane, M Leech
Convergent Margin Terranes and Associated Regions: A Tribute to WG Ernst 419 …, 2007
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