david horwat
david horwat
Full Professor, Institut Jean Lamour, Université de Lorraine
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IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering
D Zhang, N Jiang, H Li, C Wu
International Conference on Robotics andMechantronics (ICRoM2017) 12, 14, 2017
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Compression and strong rarefaction in high power impulse magnetron sputtering discharges
D Horwat, A Anders
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Effects of substrate position and oxygen gas flow rate on the properties of ZnO: Al films prepared by reactive co-sputtering
D Horwat, A Billard
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Spatial distribution of average charge state and deposition rate in high power impulse magnetron sputtering of copper
D Horwat, A Anders
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Applied Surface Science 335, 85-91, 2015
Influence of the nanoscale structural features on the properties and electronic structure of Al-doped ZnO thin films: An X-ray absorption study
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JF Pierson, D Horwat
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Effect of the oxygen flow rate on the structure and the properties of Ag–Cu–O sputtered films deposited using a Ag/Cu target with eutectic composition
JF Pierson, E Rolin, C Clément-Gendarme, C Petitjean, D Horwat
Applied surface science 254 (20), 6590-6594, 2008
Spectral evidence of spinodal decomposition, phase transformation and molecular nitrogen formation in supersaturated TiAlN films upon annealing
JL Endrino, C Århammar, A Gutiérrez, R Gago, D Horwat, L Soriano, ...
Acta materialia 59 (16), 6287-6296, 2011
Generalized effective medium theory to extract the optical properties of two-dimensional nonspherical metallic nanoparticle layers
Y Battie, A En Naciri, W Chamorro, D Horwat
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Near-room temperature single-domain epitaxy of reactively sputtered ZnO films
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Controlling the preferred orientation in sputter-deposited Cu2O thin films: Influence of the initial growth stage and homoepitaxial growth mechanism
Y Wang, J Ghanbaja, F Soldera, P Boulet, D Horwat, F Mücklich, ...
Acta materialia 76, 207-212, 2014
Ion acceleration and cooling in gasless self-sputtering
D Horwat, A Anders
Applied Physics Letters 97 (22), 221501, 2010
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