Evangelos Tziritis
Evangelos Tziritis
Soil and Water Resources Institute
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Forecasting of groundwater level fluctuations using ensemble hybrid multi-wavelet neural network-based models
R Barzegar, E Fijani, AA Moghaddam, E Tziritis
Science of the Total Environment 599, 20-31, 2017
Mapping groundwater contamination risk of multiple aquifers using multi-model ensemble of machine learning algorithms
R Barzegar, AA Moghaddam, R Deo, E Fijani, E Tziritis
Science of the total environment 621, 697-712, 2018
Assessing the hydrogeochemistry of groundwaters in ophiolite areas of Euboea Island, Greece, using multivariate statistical methods
N Voutsis, E Kelepertzis, E Tziritis, A Kelepertsis
Journal of Geochemical Exploration 159, 79-92, 2015
Design and implementation of a hybrid model based on two-layer decomposition method coupled with extreme learning machines to support real-time environmental monitoring of …
E Fijani, R Barzegar, R Deo, E Tziritis, K Skordas
Science of the total environment 648, 839-853, 2019
Identification of hydrogeochemical processes and pollution sources of groundwater resources in the Marand plain, northwest of Iran
R Barzegar, AA Moghaddam, E Tziritis, MS Fakhri, S Soltani
Environmental Earth Sciences 76 (7), 1-16, 2017
Hexavalent chromium contamination in groundwaters of Thiva basin, central Greece
E Tziritis, E Kelepertzis, G Korres, D Perivolaris, S Repani
Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology 89 (5), 1073-1077, 2012
Assessing the hydrogeochemistry and water quality of the Aji-Chay River, northwest of Iran
R Barzegar, AA Moghaddam, E Tziritis
Environmental earth sciences 75 (23), 1-15, 2016
Heavy metal (loid) s in the groundwater of Shabestar area (NW Iran): source identification and health risk assessment
R Barzegar, AA Moghaddam, S Soltani, E Fijani, E Tziritis, N Kazemian
Exposure and Health 11 (4), 251-265, 2019
The use of hydrogeochemical analyses and multivariate statistics for the characterization of groundwater resources in a complex aquifer system. A case study in Amyros River …
E Tziritis, K Skordas, A Kelepertsis
Environmental Earth Sciences 75 (4), 339, 2016
Hydrogeochemical features of groundwater resources in Tabriz plain, northwest of Iran
R Barzegar, AA Moghaddam, E Tziritis
Applied Water Science 7 (7), 3997-4011, 2017
Hydrogeochemistry and water quality of the Kordkandi-Duzduzan plain, NW Iran: application of multivariate statistical analysis and PoS index
S Soltani, AA Moghaddam, R Barzegar, N Kazemian, E Tziritis
Environmental monitoring and assessment 189 (9), 1-20, 2017
Characterization and assessment of groundwater resources in a complex hydrological basin of central Greece (Kopaida basin) with the joint use of hydrogeochemical analysis …
EP Tziritis, PS Datta, R Barzegar
Aquatic Geochemistry 23 (4), 271-298, 2017
Assessment of NO 3− contamination in a karstic aquifer, with the use of geochemical data and spatial analysis
EP Tziritis
Environmental Earth Sciences 60 (7), 1381-1390, 2010
Development of an operational index of water quality (PoS) as a versatile tool to assist groundwater resources management and strategic planning
E Tziritis, A Panagopoulos, G Arampatzis
Journal of Hydrology 517, 339-350, 2014
The geochemistry of boron-rich groundwater of the Karlovassi Basin, Samos Island, Greece
MG Stamatakis, EP Tziritis, N Evelpidou
Central European Journal of Geosciences 1 (2), 207-218, 2009
Groundwater and soil geochemistry of the Eastern Kopaida region (Beotia, central Greece)
E Tziritis
Open Geosciences 1 (2), 219-226, 2009
Assessment of climate change impact in the hydrological regime of River Pinios Basin, central Greece
A Panagopoulos, G Arampatzis, E Tziritis, V Pisinaras, F Herrmann, ...
Desalination and water treatment 57 (5), 2256-2267, 2016
Environmental monitoring of Micro Prespa Lake basin (Western Macedonia, Greece): hydrogeochemical characteristics of water resources and quality trends
EP Tziritis
Environmental monitoring and assessment 186 (7), 4553-4568, 2014
Multivariate statistics and hydrogeochemical modeling for source identification of major elements and heavy metals in the groundwater of Qareh-Ziaeddin plain, NW Iran
S Esmaeili, AA Moghaddam, R Barzegar, E Tziritis
Arabian Journal of Geosciences 11 (1), 5, 2018
Application of Hellenic Natural Zeolite in Thessaloniki industrial area wastewater treatment
A Filippidis, E Tziritis, N Kantiranis, E Tzamos, P Gamaletsos, ...
Desalination and Water Treatment 57 (42), 19702-19712, 2016
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