Assistant Professor of Geochemistry, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Geology and
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Stabilization of Pb and As in soils by applying combined treatment with phosphates and ferrous iron
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Sulfur removal from coal beneficiation wastes
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The effectiveness of municipal sewage sludge application on the stabilization of Pb, Zn, and Cd in a soil contaminated from mining activities
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Silver-rich sulfide mineralization in the northwestern termination of the Western Cycladic Detachment System, at Agios Ioannis Kynigos, Hymittos Mt. (Attica, Greece): A …
C Stouraiti, K Soukis, P Voudouris, C Mavrogonatos, S Lozios, S Lekkas, ...
Ore Geology Reviews 111 (, 2019
Stabilisation of highly polluted soils and tailings using phosphates
A Xenidis, C Stouraiti, I Paspaliaris
Effect of Mineralogy on the Beneficiation of REE from Heavy Mineral Sands: The Case of Nea Peramos, Kavala, Northern Greece
C Stouraiti, V Angelatou, S Petushok, K Soukis, D Eliopoulos
MINERALS 10 (5),, 2020
The Late Cretaceous magmatic arc of the south Aegean: Geodynamic implications from petrological and geochemical studies of granitoids from Anafi island (Cyclades–Greece)
P Koutsovitis, K Soukis, P Voudouris, S Lozios, T Ntaflos, C Stouraiti, ...
International Geology Review, 1-24, 2021
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