Remus Hanea
Remus Hanea
Η διεύθυνση ηλεκτρονικού ταχυδρομείου έχει επαληθευτεί στον τομέα
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Παρατίθεται από
Data assimilation of ground‐level ozone in Europe with a Kalman filter and chemistry transport model
RG Hanea, GJM Velders, A Heemink
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 109 (D10), 2004
Model-reduced gradient-based history matching
MP Kaleta, RG Hanea, AW Heemink, JD Jansen
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MV Krymskaya, RG Hanea, M Verlaan
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B Sebacher, R Hanea, A Heemink
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Bridging multipoint statistics and truncated Gaussian fields for improved estimation of channelized reservoirs with ensemble methods
B Sebacher, AS Stordal, R Hanea
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Well placement optimization subject to realistic field development constraints
M Jesmani, MC Bellout, R Hanea, B Foss
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Application of the representer method for parameter estimation in numerical reservoir models
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Overview of the Olympus field development optimization challenge
RM Fonseca, E Della Rossa, AA Emerick, RG Hanea, JD Jansen
ECMOR XVI-16th European Conference on the Mathematics of Oil Recovery 2018 …, 2018
Reservoir management under geological uncertainty using fast model update
R Hanea, G Evensen, L Hustoft, T Ek, A Chitu, F Wilschut
SPE Reservoir Simulation Symposium, 2015
Gravimetric monitoring of water influx into a gas reservoir: A numerical study based on the ensemble Kalman filter
MA Glegola, P Ditmar, RG Hanea, FC Vossepoel, R Arts, R Klees
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Drill and Learn: A Decision-Making Work Flow To Quantify Value of Learning
R Hanea, P Casanova, L Hustoft, R Bratvold, R Nair, CW Hewson, ...
SPE Reservoir Evaluation & Engineering 22 (03), 1,131-1,143, 2019
Well trajectory optimization constrained to structural uncertainties
RG Hanea, P Casanova, FH Wilschut, RM Fonseca
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Decision maturation using ensemble based robust optimization for field development planning
RG Hanea, RM Fonseca, C Pettan, MO Iwajomo, K Skjerve, L Hustoft, ...
ECMOR XV-15th European Conference on the Mathematics of Oil Recovery, cp-494 …, 2016
Fast model update coupled to an ensemble based closed loop reservoir management
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Observation sensitivity in computer-assisted history matching
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Value-of-information for model parameter updating through history matching
AJ Hong, RB Bratvold, P Thomas, RG Hanea
Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 165, 253-268, 2018
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