Konstantinos Moutzouris
Konstantinos Moutzouris
University of West Attica
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Mid-infrared difference-frequency generation of ultrashort pulses tunable between 3.2 and 4.8 μm from a compact fiber source
C Erny, K Moutzouris, J Biegert, D Kühlke, F Adler, A Leitenstorfer, ...
Optics letters 32 (9), 1138-1140, 2007
Phase-locked two-branch erbium-doped fiber laser system for long-term precision measurements of optical frequencies
F Adler, K Moutzouris, A Leitenstorfer, H Schnatz, B Lipphardt, G Grosche, ...
Optics Express 12 (24), 5872-5880, 2004
Refractive, dispersive and thermo-optic properties of twelve organic solvents in the visible and near-infrared
K Moutzouris, M Papamichael, SC Betsis, I Stavrakas, G Hloupis, ...
Applied Physics B 116 (3), 617-622, 2014
Quasi phase matching in GaAs–AlAs superlattice waveguides through bandgap tuning by use of quantum-well intermixing
AS Helmy, DC Hutchings, TC Kleckner, JH Marsh, AC Bryce, JM Arnold, ...
Optics Letters 25 (18), 1370-1372, 2000
Second-harmonic generation through optimized modal phase matching in semiconductor waveguides
K Moutzouris, S Venugopal Rao, M Ebrahimzadeh, A De Rossi, ...
Applied physics letters 83 (4), 620-622, 2003
Multimilliwatt ultrashort pulses continuously tunable in the visible from a compact fiber source
K Moutzouris, F Adler, F Sotier, D Träutlein, A Leitenstorfer
Optics letters 31 (8), 1148-1150, 2006
Highly efficient second, third and fourth harmonic generation from a two-branch femtosecond erbium fiber source
K Moutzouris, F Sotier, F Adler, A Leitenstorfer
Optics Express 14 (5), 1905-1912, 2006
Nonlinear frequency conversion in semiconductor optical waveguides using birefringent, modal and quasi-phase-matching techniques
SV Rao, K Moutzouris, M Ebrahimzadeh
Journal of Optics A: Pure and Applied Optics 6 (6), 569, 2004
Highly versatile confocal microscopy system based on a tunable femtosecond Er: fiber source
D Träutlein, F Adler, K Moutzouris, A Jeromin, A Leitenstorfer, ...
Journal of biophotonics 1 (1), 53-61, 2008
Efficient second-harmonic generation in birefringently phase-matched GaAs/Al2O3 waveguides
K Moutzouris, SV Rao, M Ebrahimzadeh, A De Rossi, V Berger, ...
Optics letters 26 (22), 1785-1787, 2001
Quasi-phase-matched second-harmonic generation in a GaAs/AlAs superlattice waveguide by ion-implantation-induced intermixing
K Zeaiter, DC Hutchings, RM Gwilliam, K Moutzouris, SV Rao, ...
Optics letters 28 (11), 911-913, 2003
Visible to near-infrared refractive properties of freshly-excised human-liver tissues: marking hepatic malignancies
P Giannios, KG Toutouzas, M Matiatou, K Stasinos, MM Konstadoulakis, ...
Scientific reports 6 (1), 1-10, 2016
High-harmonic-repetition-rate, 1 GHz femtosecond optical parametric oscillator pumped by a 76 MHz Ti: sapphire laser
A Esteban-Martín, O Kokabee, K Moutzouris, M Ebrahim-Zadeh
Optics letters 34 (4), 428-430, 2009
Complex refractive index of normal and malignant human colorectal tissue in the visible and near‐infrared
P Giannios, S Koutsoumpos, KG Toutouzas, M Matiatou, GC Zografos, ...
Journal of biophotonics 10 (2), 303-310, 2017
Measurements of optical loss in GaAs/Al2O3 nonlinear waveguides in the infrared using femtosecond scattering technique
SV Rao, K Moutzouris, M Ebrahimzadeh, A De Rossi, G Gintz, M Calligaro, ...
Optics communications 213 (4-6), 223-228, 2002
Temperature-dependent visible to near-infrared optical properties of 8 mol% Mg-doped lithium tantalate
K Moutzouris, G Hloupis, I Stavrakas, D Triantis, MH Chou
Optical Materials Express 1 (3), 458-465, 2011
Generation of ultrashort electrical pulses in semiconductor waveguides
V Loyo-Maldonado, HK Lee, CR Stanley, SV Rao, K Moutzouris, ...
IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 15 (3), 428-430, 2003
Influence of scattering and two-photon absorption on the optical loss in GaAs-Al2O3 nonlinear waveguides measured using femtosecond pulses
SV Rao, K Moutzouris, M Ebrahimzadeh, A De Rossi, G Gintz, M Calligaro, ...
IEEE journal of quantum electronics 39 (3), 478-486, 2003
Temperature effects on the viscosity and the wavelength-dependent refractive index of imidazolium-based ionic liquids with a phosphorus-containing anion
C Chiappe, P Margari, A Mezzetta, CS Pomelli, S Koutsoumpos, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 19 (12), 8201-8209, 2017
A neural network approach for the prediction of the refractive index based on experimental data
A Alexandridis, E Chondrodima, K Moutzouris, D Triantis
Journal of Materials Science 47 (2), 883-891, 2012
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