Marco Simonelli
Marco Simonelli
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Effect of the build orientation on the mechanical properties and fracture modes of SLM Ti–6Al–4V
M Simonelli, YY Tse, C Tuck
Materials Science and Engineering: A 616, 1-11, 2014
A study on the laser spatter and the oxidation reactions during selective laser melting of 316L stainless steel, Al-Si10-Mg, and Ti-6Al-4V
M Simonelli, C Tuck, NT Aboulkhair, I Maskery, I Ashcroft, RD Wildman, ...
Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A 46 (9), 3842-3851, 2015
Metallurgy of high-silicon steel parts produced using Selective Laser Melting
M Garibaldi, I Ashcroft, M Simonelli, R Hague
Acta Materialia 110, 207-216, 2016
On the texture formation of selective laser melted Ti-6Al-4V
M Simonelli, YY Tse, C Tuck
Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A 45 (6), 2863-2872, 2014
3D printing of Aluminium alloys: Additive Manufacturing of Aluminium alloys using selective laser melting
NT Aboulkhair, M Simonelli, L Parry, I Ashcroft, C Tuck, R Hague
Progress in Materials Science 106, 100578, 2019
Mechanical properties of Ti-6Al-4V selectively laser melted parts with body-centred-cubic lattices of varying cell size
I Maskery, AO Aremu, M Simonelli, C Tuck, RD Wildman, IA Ashcroft, ...
Experimental Mechanics 55 (7), 1261-1272, 2015
The formation of [alpha]+[beta] microstructure in as-fabricated selective laser melting of Ti-6Al-4V
M Simonelli, YY Tse, C Tuck
Journal of Materials Research 29 (17), 2028, 2014
Effect of annealing on the microstructure and magnetic properties of soft magnetic Fe-Si produced via laser additive manufacturing
M Garibaldi, I Ashcroft, JN Lemke, M Simonelli, R Hague
Scripta Materialia 142, 121-125, 2018
Further understanding of Ti-6Al-4V selective laser melting using texture analysis
M Simonelli, YY Tse, C Tuck
Proceedings of 23rd Annual International Solid Freeform Fabrication …, 2012
Microstructure of Ti-6Al-4V produced by selective laser melting
M Simonelli, YY Tse, C Tuck
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 371 (1), 012084, 2012
Microstructure Evolution and Mechanical Properties of Selective Laser Melted Ti-6Al-4V.
M Simonelli
Loughborough University, 2014
A comparison of Ti-6Al-4V in-situ alloying in Selective Laser Melting using simply-mixed and satellited powder blend feedstocks
M Simonelli, NT Aboulkhair, P Cohen, JW Murray, AT Clare, C Tuck, ...
Materials Characterization 143, 118-126, 2018
Combined inkjet printing and infrared sintering of silver nanoparticles using a swathe-by-swathe and layer-by-layer approach for 3-dimensional structures
J Vaithilingam, M Simonelli, E Saleh, N Senin, RD Wildman, RJM Hague, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 9 (7), 6560-6570, 2017
Calorimetric study and microstructure analysis of the order-disorder phase transformation in silicon steel built by SLM
JN Lemke, M Simonelli, M Garibaldi, I Ashcroft, R Hague, M Vedani, ...
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 722, 293-301, 2017
Towards digital metal additive manufacturing via high-temperature drop-on-demand jetting
M Simonelli, N Aboulkhair, M Rasa, M East, C Tuck, R Wildman, ...
Additive Manufacturing 30, 100930, 2019
Additive manufacture of three dimensional nanocomposite based objects through multiphoton fabrication
Y Liu, Q Hu, F Zhang, C Tuck, D Irvine, R Hague, Y He, M Simonelli, ...
Polymers 8 (9), 325, 2016
Fracture mechanisms in high-cycle fatigue of selective laser melted Ti-6Al-4V
M Simonelli, YY Tse, C Tuck
Key Engineering Materials 627, 125-128, 2015
Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Ti‐6A1‐4V Fabricated by Selective Laser Melting
M Simonelli, YY Tse, C Tuck
Supplemental Proceedings: Materials Processing and Interfaces 1, 863-870, 2012
Refinement of the grain structure of additive manufactured titanium alloys via epitaxial recrystallization enabled by rapid heat treatment
Z Zou, M Simonelli, J Katrib, G Dimitrakis, R Hague
Scripta Materialia 180, 66-70, 2020
Evolution of carbon nanotubes and their metallurgical reactions in Al-based composites in response to laser irradiation during selective laser melting
NT Aboulkhair, M Simonelli, E Salama, GA Rance, NC Neate, CJ Tuck, ...
Materials Science and Engineering: A 765, 138307, 2019
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