Kostas Stamatakis
Kostas Stamatakis
Institute of Biosciences and Applications, NCSR Demokritos
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The fast and slow kinetics of chlorophyll a fluorescence induction in plants, algae and cyanobacteria: a viewpoint
GC Papageorgiou, M Tsimilli-Michael, K Stamatakis
Photosynthesis research 94 (2-3), 275-290, 2007
Beneficial effects of enhanced UV-B radiation under field conditions: improvement of needle water relations and survival capacity of Pinus pinea L. seedlings …
Y Manetas, Y Petropoulou, K Stamatakis, D Nikolopoulos, E Levizou, ...
UV-B and Biosphere, 100-108, 1997
Organic cosolutes increase the catalytic efficiency of phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase, from Cynodon dactylon (L.) Pers., apparently through self-association of the enzymic protein
K Stamatakis, NA Gavalas, Y Manetas
Functional Plant Biology 15 (5), 621-631, 1988
G protein-coupled receptor kinase 2 (GRK2) promotes breast tumorigenesis through a HDAC6-Pin1 axis
L Nogués, C Reglero, V Rivas, A Salcedo, V Lafarga, M Neves, P Ramos, ...
EBioMedicine 13, 132-145, 2016
Effect of copper and copper alginate treatment on wool fabric. Study of textile and antibacterial properties
NS Heliopoulos, SK Papageorgiou, A Galeou, EP Favvas, FK Katsaros, ...
Surface and Coatings Technology 235, 24-31, 2013
Dark-to-light transition in Synechococcus sp. PCC 7942 cells studied by fluorescence kinetics assesses plastoquinone redox poise in the dark and photosystem II fluorescence …
M Tsimilli-Michael, K Stamatakis, GC Papageorgiou
Photosynthesis research 99 (3), 243-255, 2009
Is there a threshold in the antibacterial action of superhydrophobic surfaces?
K Ellinas, D Kefallinou, K Stamatakis, E Gogolides, A Tserepi
ACS applied materials & interfaces 9 (45), 39781-39789, 2017
Evidence for active cyclic electron flow in twig chlorenchyma in the presence of an extremely deficient linear electron transport activity
C Kotakis, Y Petropoulou, K Stamatakis, C Yiotis, Y Manetas
Planta 225 (1), 245-253, 2006
On the question of the light-harvesting role of β-carotene in photosystem II and photosystem I core complexes
K Stamatakis, M Tsimilli-Michael, GC Papageorgiou
Plant physiology and biochemistry 81, 121-127, 2014
The osmolality of the cell suspension regulates phycobilisome-to-photosystem I excitation transfers in cyanobacteria
K Stamatakis, GC Papageorgiou
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Bioenergetics 1506 (3), 172-181, 2001
Thermodynamic and structural destabilization of apoE3 by hereditary mutations associated with the development of lipoprotein glomerulopathy
D Georgiadou, K Stamatakis, EK Efthimiadou, G Kordas, D Gantz, ...
Journal of lipid research 54 (1), 164-176, 2013
Two members of a network of putative Na+/H+ antiporters are involved in salt and pH tolerance of the freshwater cyanobacterium Synechococcus elongatus
M Billini, K Stamatakis, V Sophianopoulou
Journal of bacteriology 190 (19), 6318-6329, 2008
CO2 Capture Efficiency, Corrosion Properties, and Ecotoxicity Evaluation of Amine Solutions Involving Newly Synthesized Ionic Liquids
XL Papatryfon, NS Heliopoulos, IS Molchan, LF Zubeir, ND Bezemer, ...
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 53 (30), 12083-12102, 2014
Water and solute transport in cyanobacteria as probed by chlorophyll fluorescence
GC Papageorgiou, K Stamatakis
Chlorophyll a Fluorescence, 663-678, 2004
Palladium (II) and platinum (II) complexes of derivatives of 2-(4′-aminophenyl) benzothiazole as potential anticancer agents
B Mavroidi, M Sagnou, K Stamatakis, M Paravatou-Petsotas, ...
Inorganica Chimica Acta 444, 63-75, 2016
Stabilization of photosystem II particles isolated from the thermophilic cyanobacterium Phormidium laminosum with glycine betaine and glycerol.
P C, Stamatakis, GC
Biochimica Biophysica Acta, 333-338., 1993
Artifacts in the assay of maize leaf phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase activity due to its instability
K Angelopoulos, K Stamatakis, Y Manetas, NA Gavalas
Photosynthesis research 18 (3), 317-325, 1988
Sodium chloride-induced volume changes of freshwater cyanobacterium Synechococcus sp. PCC 7942 cells can be probed by chlorophyll a fluorescence
K Stamatakis, NP Ladas, A Alygizaki-Zorba, GC Papageorgiou
Archives of biochemistry and biophysics 370 (2), 240-249, 1999
Fluorescence induction in the phycobilisome-containing cyanobacterium Synechococcus sp PCC 7942: analysis of the slow fluorescence transient
K Stamatakis, M Tsimilli-Michael, GC Papageorgiou
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Bioenergetics 1767 (6), 766-772, 2007
Light-induced and osmotically-induced changes in chlorophyll a fluorescence in two Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 strains that differ in membrane lipid unsaturation
GC Papageorgiou, R Govindjee, M Mimuro, K Stamatakis, ...
Photosynthesis research 59 (2-3), 125-136, 1999
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