Konstantinos N. Gyftakis
Konstantinos N. Gyftakis
Lecturer in Electrical Machines, University of Edinburgh, UK
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A novel approach for broken bar fault diagnosis in induction motors through torque monitoring
KN Gyftakis, DV Spyropoulos, JC Kappatou, ED Mitronikas
IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion 28 (2), 267-277, 2013
The zero-sequence current as a generalized diagnostic mean in Δ-connected three-phase induction motors
KN Gyftakis, JC Kappatou
IEEE Transactions on Energy conversion 29 (1), 138-148, 2013
Comparative experimental investigation of broken bar fault detectability in induction motors
KN Gyftakis, JA Antonino-Daviu, R Garcia-Hernandez, MD McCulloch, ...
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Power spectrum-based detection of induction motor rotor faults for immunity to false alarms
J Kim, S Shin, SB Lee, KN Gyftakis, M Drif, AJM Cardoso
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A novel and effective method of static eccentricity diagnosis in three-phase PSH induction motors
KN Gyftakis, JC Kappatou
IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion 28 (2), 405-412, 2013
Dielectric characteristics of electric vehicle traction motor winding insulation under thermal aging
KN Gyftakis, M Sumislawska, DF Kavanagh, DA Howey, MD McCulloch
IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications 52 (2), 1398-1404, 2015
Stray flux monitoring for reliable detection of rotor faults under the influence of rotor axial air ducts
Y Park, C Yang, J Kim, H Kim, SB Lee, KN Gyftakis, PA Panagiotou, ...
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J Kappatou, C Gyftakis, A Safacas
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The impact of thermal degradation on properties of electrical machine winding insulation material
M Sumislawska, KN Gyftakis, DF Kavanagh, MD McCulloch, KJ Burnham, ...
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D Morinigo-Sotelo, RJ Romero-Troncoso, PA Panagiotou, ...
IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications 54 (2), 1224-1234, 2017
A new approach for broken rotor bar detection in induction motors using frequency extraction in stray flux signals
PA Panagiotou, I Arvanitakis, N Lophitis, JA Antonino-Daviu, KN Gyftakis
IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications 55 (4), 3501-3511, 2019
Comparative influence of adjacent and non-adjacent broken rotor bars on the induction motor diagnosis through MCSA and ZSC methods
JA Antonino-Daviu, KN Gyftakis, R Garcia-Hernandez, H Razik, ...
IECON 2015-41st Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society …, 2015
Introducing the Filtered Park’s and Filtered Extended Park’s Vector Approach to detect broken rotor bars in induction motors independently from the rotor slots number
KN Gyftakis, AJM Cardoso, JA Antonino-Daviu
Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing 93, 30-50, 2017
Fan performance analysis for rotor cooling of axial flux permanent magnet machines
AS Fawzal, RM Cirstea, KN Gyftakis, TJ Woolmer, M Dickison, M Blundell
IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications 53 (4), 3295-3304, 2017
The impact of the rotor slot number on the behaviour of the induction motor
KN Gyftakis, J Kappatou
Advances in Power Electronics 2013, 2013
Validated physical models and parameters of bulk 3C–SiC aiming for credible technology computer aided design (TCAD) simulation
A Arvanitopoulos, N Lophitis, KN Gyftakis, S Perkins, M Antoniou
Semiconductor Science and Technology 32 (10), 104009, 2017
Analysis of stray flux spectral components in induction machines under rotor bar breakages at various locations
PA Panagiotou, I Arvanitakis, N Lophitis, JA Antonino-Daviu, KN Gyftakis
2018 XIII International Conference on Electrical Machines (ICEM), 2345-2351, 2018
The influence of the broken bar fault on the magnetic field and electromagnetic torque in 3-phase induction motors
DV Spyropoulos, KN Gyftakis, J Kappatou, ED Mitronikas
2012 XXth international conference on electrical machines, 1868-1874, 2012
The role of the mechanical speed frequency on the induction motor fault detection via the stray flux
KN Gyftakis, PA Panagiotou, SB Lee
2019 IEEE 12th International Symposium on Diagnostics for Electrical …, 2019
Diagnosis and Fault Tolerance of Electrical Machines and Power Electronics
AJM Cardoso
Institution of Engineering and Technology, 2018
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