Maria Figueroa-Armijos
Maria Figueroa-Armijos
Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship, EDHEC Business School
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Rural entrepreneurship in a time of recession
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M Figueroa-Armijos
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M Figueroa-Armijos, CB Valdivia
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Women's Entrepreneurship in Global and Local Contexts. Edited by Cristina Díaz‐García, Candida G. Brush, Elizabeth J. Gatewood, and Friederike Welter, Northampton, MA: Edward …
M Figueroa‐Armijos
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M Figueroa-Armijos
College of Business and Economics, Lehigh University, USA, 2015
Contemporary Public Policy Issues
B Dabson, TG Johnson, A Wesemann, M Figueroa-Armijos, J Stallmann, ...
Policy, 01, 2013
Policy Research Brief October 2012 Assessing the Impact of Missouri’s Tax Credits Submission to the Missouri Tax Credit Review Commission
B Dabson, TG Johnson, A Wesemann, M Figueroa-Armijos, JI Stallmann
Market Access and Resilience in the Bolivian Highlands: Measuring the Transaction Costs for Native Potato Producers
M Figueroa-Armijos, C Valdivia
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