Vladimir Galvita
Vladimir Galvita
Professor, Laboratory for Chemical Technology, Ghent University
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Enhanced carbon-resistant dry reforming Fe-Ni catalyst: Role of Fe
SA Theofanidis, VV Galvita, H Poelman, GB Marin
Acs Catalysis 5 (5), 3028-3039, 2015
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Synthesis gas production by steam reforming of ethanol
VV Galvita, GL Semin, VD Belyaev, VA Semikolenov, P Tsiakaras, ...
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Science 354 (6311), 449-452, 2016
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G Siddiqi, P Sun, V Galvita, AT Bell
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Steam reforming of glycerol: The experimental activity of La1− xCexNiO3 catalyst in comparison to the thermodynamic reaction equilibrium
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Solid electrolyte membrane reactors: Status and trends
K Sundmacher, LK Rihko-Struckmann, V Galvita
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VV Galvita, H Poelman, C Detavernier, GB Marin
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V Galvita, K Sundmacher
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Delivering a Modifying Element to Metal Nanoparticles via Support: Pt–Ga Alloying during the Reduction of Pt/Mg(Al,Ga)Ox Catalysts and Its Effects on Propane …
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Deactivation of modified iron oxide materials in the cyclic water gas shift process for CO-free hydrogen production
V Galvita, T Hempel, H Lorenz, LK Rihko-Struckmann, K Sundmacher
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Cyclic water gas shift reactor (CWGS) for carbon monoxide removal from hydrogen feed gas for PEM fuel cells
V Galvita, K Sundmacher
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Mechanism of CH4 Dry Reforming on Nanocrystalline Doped Ceria-Zirconia with Supported Pt, Ru, Ni, and Ni–Ru
AS Bobin, VA Sadykov, VA Rogov, NV Mezentseva, GM Alikina, ...
Topics in Catalysis 56 (11), 958-968, 2013
Ethanol to higher hydrocarbons over Ni, Ga, Fe-modified ZSM-5: Effect of metal content
K Van der Borght, VV Galvita, GB Marin
Applied Catalysis A: General 492, 117–126, 2015
Upgrading the value of anaerobic digestion via chemical production from grid injected biomethane
K Verbeeck, LC Buelens, VV Galvita, GB Marin, KM Van Geem, K Rabaey
Energy & Environmental Science 11 (7), 1788-1802, 2018
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