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Intensified summer monsoon and the urbanization of Indus Civilization in northwest India
Y Dixit, DA Hodell, A Giesche, SK Tandon, F Gázquez, HS Saini, ...
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Quantification of drought during the collapse of the classic Maya civilization
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Coupled measurements of δ18O and δD of hydration water and salinity of fluid inclusions in gypsum from the Messinian Yesares Member, Sorbas Basin (SE Spain)
NP Evans, AV Turchyn, F Gázquez, TRR Bontognali, HJ Chapman, ...
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 430, 499-510, 2015
Black Mn-Fe crusts as markers of abrupt palaeoenvironmental changes in El Soplao Cave (Cantabria, Spain)
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Simultaneous analysis of 17O/16O, 18O/16O and 2H/1H of gypsum hydration water by cavity ring‐down laser spectroscopy
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Hypogene Sulfuric Acid Speleogenesis and rare sulfate minerals in Baume Galinière Cave (Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, France). Record of uplift, correlative cover retreat and valley …
P Audra, F Gázquez, F Rull, JY Bigot, H Camus
Geomorphology, 2015
Organic matter of fossil origin in the amberine speleothems from El Soplao Cave (Cantabria, Northern Spain)
F Gázquez, JM Calaforra, F Rull, P Forti, A García-Casco
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Using stable isotopes (δ17O, δ18O and δD) of gypsum hydration water to ascertain the role of water condensation in the formation of subaerial gypsum speleothems
F Gázquez, JM Calaforra, NP Evans, DA Hodell
Chemical Geology 452, 34-46, 2017
Gypsum-carbonate speleothems from Cueva de las Espadas (Naica mine, Mexico): mineralogy and palaeohydrogeological implications
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Spectroscopic Raman study of sulphate precipitation sequence in Rio Tinto mining district (SW Spain)
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Isotope and trace element evolution of the Naica aquifer (Chihuahua, Mexico) over the past 60,000 yr revealed by speleothems
F Gázquez, JM Calaforra, H Stoll, L Sanna, P Forti, SE Lauritzen, ...
Quaternary Research 80 (3), 510-521, 2013
In situ Raman characterization of minerals and degradation processes in a variety of cultural and geological heritage sites
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F Gázquez, JM Calaforra, Á Fernández-Cortés
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Linking groundwater pollution to the decay of 15th-century sculptures in Burgos Cathedral (northern Spain)
F Gázquez, F Rull, J Medina, A Sanz-Arranz, C Sanz
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 22 (20), 15677-15689, 2015
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