Michael E. Cholette
Michael E. Cholette
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Soiling of solar collectors–Modelling approaches for airborne dust and its interactions with surfaces
G Picotti, P Borghesani, ME Cholette, G Manzolini
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 81, 2343-2357, 2018
Comparison of the effectiveness of analytical wake models for wind farm with constant and variable hub heights
L Wang, ACC Tan, M Cholette, Y Gu
Energy Conversion and Management 124, 189-202, 2016
Ant colony algorithm for building energy optimisation problems and comparison with benchmark algorithms
K Bamdad, ME Cholette, L Guan, J Bell
Energy and Buildings 154, 404-414, 2017
Multi-layer PCM solidification in a finned triplex tube considering natural convection
AM Sefidan, A Sojoudi, SC Saha, M Cholette
Applied Thermal Engineering 123, 901-916, 2017
Opportunistic maintenance considering non-homogenous opportunity arrivals and stochastic opportunity durations
HT Ba, ME Cholette, P Borghesani, Y Zhou, L Ma
Reliability Engineering & System Safety 160, 151-161, 2017
Optimal condition-based cleaning of solar power collectors
HT Ba, ME Cholette, R Wang, P Borghesani, L Ma, TA Steinberg
Solar Energy 157, 762-777, 2017
Optimization of wind farm layout with complex land divisions
L Wang, ACC Tan, ME Cholette, Y Gu
Renewable energy 105, 30-40, 2017
Extracting failure time data from industrial maintenance records using text mining
K Arif-Uz-Zaman, ME Cholette, L Ma, A Karim
Advanced Engineering Informatics 33, 388-396, 2017
Degradation modeling and monitoring of machines using operation-specific hidden Markov models
ME Cholette, D Djurdjanovic
IIE Transactions 46 (10), 1107-1123, 2014
Building energy optimisation under uncertainty using ACOMV algorithm
K Bamdad, ME Cholette, L Guan, J Bell
Energy and Buildings 167, 322-333, 2018
Design optimization method for tube and fin latent heat thermal energy storage systems
R Raud, ME Cholette, S Riahi, F Bruno, W Saman, G Will, TA Steinberg
Energy 134, 585-594, 2017
Optimal vehicle trajectory planning with control constraints and recursive implementation for automated on-ramp merging
Y Zhou, ME Cholette, A Bhaskar, E Chung
IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems 20 (9), 3409-3420, 2018
Monitoring of complex systems of interacting dynamic systems
ME Cholette, J Liu, D Djurdjanovic, KA Marko
Applied Intelligence 37 (1), 60-79, 2012
Development and experimental validation of a physical model for the soiling of mirrors for CSP industry applications
G Picotti, P Borghesani, G Manzolini, ME Cholette, R Wang
Solar Energy 173, 1287-1305, 2018
Using support vector machines for the computationally efficient identification of acceptable design parameters in computer-aided engineering applications
ME Cholette, P Borghesani, E Di Gialleonardo, F Braghin
Expert Systems with Applications 81, 39-52, 2017
Condition monitoring and operational decision making in semiconductor manufacturing
ME Cholette, M Celen, D Djurdjanovic, JD Rasberry
IEEE transactions on semiconductor manufacturing 26 (4), 454-464, 2013
A multi-sensor approach to remaining useful life estimation for a slurry pump
LT Yiu, ME Cholette, WT Peter
Measurement 139, 140-151, 2019
Degradation modeling and condition-based maintenance of boiler heat exchangers using gamma processes
ME Cholette, H Yu, P Borghesani, L Ma, G Kent
Reliability Engineering & System Safety 183, 184-196, 2019
A computationally-efficient layout optimization method for real wind farms considering altitude variations
L Wang, ME Cholette, ACC Tan, Y Gu
Energy 132, 147-159, 2017
Ecological and safe driving: A model predictive control approach considering spatial and temporal constraints
SG Dehkordi, GS Larue, ME Cholette, A Rakotonirainy, HA Rakha
Transportation research part D: transport and environment 67, 208-222, 2019
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