Christos Gatzoulis
Christos Gatzoulis
Bahrain Polytechnic
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Παρατίθεται από
Automatic emotion recognition based on body movement analysis: a survey
H Zacharatos, C Gatzoulis, YL Chrysanthou
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Emotion recognition for exergames using laban movement analysis
H Zacharatos, C Gatzoulis, Y Chrysanthou, A Aristidou
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P Zaharias, C Gatzoulis, Y Chrysanthou
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H Zacharatos, C Gatzoulis, Y Chrysanthou
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Fuzzy reinforcement learning for an evolving virtual servant robot
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Raising awareness on hydroponics via an educational video game using an indirect teaching method
A Ali, V Paliktzoglou, C Gatzoulis, O Al Abedallat
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A Ali, C Gatzoulis
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Reinforcement Learning for Physics-Based Competitive Games
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Blending Project Management with Problem Based Learning for Capstone Projects
R Zahran, C Gatzoulis, T Prendergast, P Pringuet, M Radicevic
Computer game research and industry in a small nation
C Gatzoulis, P Zaphiris, F Loizides
Application of Learning Algorithms on the Design of Autonomous Adaptive Artificial Characters
C Gatzoulis
University of Teesside, 2007
Adaptive Social Skills for Robots Interacting with Virtual Characters in Real Worlds
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Computer Game Research and Industry in a Small Nation
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C Gatzoulis
PROACTIVE ANTICIPATORY VIRTUAL CHARACTERS AN ETHOLOGY APPROACH Wen Tang School of Computing, University of Teesside, United Kingdom
C Gatzoulis, TR Wan
Interactive Physics-based Motion Synthesis with Adaptive Optimization
W Tang, TR Wan, C Gatzoulis
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